The Democrats are abusing their power and are starting to look a lot like King George  and his  royal  court. The only thing the Democrats appear to be interested in are money and power. If Democrat ideas were so great they would not have to lie to get them passed or smear their political opponents. Senator Cruz is correct. The reason the Democrats wanted to get rid of the Filibuster is to stack Courts so there is no recourse but to implement their train wreck of a law, Obamacare. The Democrats know that Obamacare exposes their lies that the Obamcare plans are better higher quality plans when the opposite it true  Obamacare shafts the poor, women, the middle class, minorities, the elderly, the handicapped, everyone. It cancels everyones lower cost plans, increases everyones costs and provides lower quality care.Than to add insult to injury, the Democrats and President Obama have established Death panels for the expressed purpose of reducing health care costs. The Obamacare Death Panels are established on the principles of Dr. Ezikeil Emanuel who has determined that people between the ages of 15 and 40 are in. Infants, elderly, cancer patients and the handicapped are out.Obamacare: Cutting Costs by Cutting Lives via @sodaheaThe brave new world of Democrat rule is turning into a nightmare not the Utopia the Democrats promised.