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Obamacare Is Founded On Lies Forcing People To Buy Health Care Plans They Can’t Afford and Don’t Need

Obamacare is riddled with Security breaches; Web Crashes; Doctors and Hospitals opting out; Millions of people losing the insurance President Obama promised them they could keep forcing them to buy Health Plans they can’t afford and don’t need. 

It’s time to push the restart button and start over before America’s entire Health Care System crashes and burns. 

President Obama’s And The Democrats Green Energy (Anti Fossil Fuel) Policies Are Shafting The American People

Obama’s grand plan to switch from fossil fuel to Green Energy will in his words “skyrocket” the price of energy. The fact Solar and Wind Energy provide very little bang for the buck appears to be of no consequence to President Obama or Democrats like Terry McAuliff. Nor does he seem to give a wit that about the fact that the high fuel costs will shaft the Middle Class and poor the most. The Green Energy experience of Germany is a foreshadowing of what will happen here if President Obama goes forward with his Green Energy Anti-Fossil Fuel policies.
“Fritz Vahrenholt recognizes great danger Germany faces if it continues down its present climate alarmism-premised renewable energy path. This is already costing consumers twenty billion euros every year (250 euros per household), which will increase to 300 euros next year. He points out: “On windy days we have so much power that wind parks are asked to shut down, yet they get paid for the power they don’t even deliver. And when the wind really blows, we  ‘sell’ surplus power to neighboring countries at negative prices. And when the wind stops blowing and when there is no sun, we have to get our power from foreign countries. In the end we pay with the loss of high-paying industrial jobs because the high price of power is making us uncompetitive. ”
Moreover, never mind the fact green energy does as much harm to the environment (if not more) than fossil fuel.

In his mission to destroy America’s fossil fuel industry President Obama is also overlooking the fact that Fossil Fuel andCO2 emissions may even be a net benefit to the planet by greening the planet

To add insult to injury the  media will pay no attention to the fact President Obama’s Green Energy Policies benefit his crony green capitalists friends the most at the expense of the vast majority of the American people.

State Of The Climate Report

Real Science

  • No global warming for 17.5 years
  • 97% of the climate models have over-predicted warming
  • Record quiet tornado season
  • Severe tornadoes declining for 40 years
  • No US hurricane landfalls
  • More than eight years without a major hurricane strike in the US
  • Drought is almost over
  • Fewest forest fires in the US in three decades
  • Record increase in Arctic sea ice
  • Record extent of Antarctic sea ice
  • Five of the six snowiest winters have occurred since 2002
  • No sea level rise on the west coast of the US or Canada for three decades
  • US temperatures declining for 80 years (before data tampering)
  • Near record low number of hot days in the US

Nothing the team predicted has come true.

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Obama knew “You can keep your Health Care Insurance” Was A Lie

From Hillary Is 44:

Update: Borgia politics at NBC. We’ve fed stories to Lisa Myers in the before Big Pink past so we have a degree of respect for her as she treated us fairly. We suspect Lisa Myers had a rough fight with her NBC bosses tonight because of her incendiary report about ObaminationCare.

The Lisa Myers report was linked to by many (we wrote about it below) including DrudgeReport but then it mysteriously disappeared. The Lisa Myers report then reappeared with a different URL address and a missing chunk of the most important allegations about ObaminationCare. NBC News published a tweetstating an irony filled “glitch” was to blame for the taking down of the news report.

Perhaps not so oddly, the Lisa Myers report was fully restored by NBC but only after many websites caught the important deletions to the original article and NBC discovered that the edits could not be deleted from the Internet’s cached memory. NBC succeeded in breaking links to stories already posted discussing Lisa Myers’ good work but already many, including Drudge, have updated their links to this important report. We hope Lisa Myers did not have to scream too much to get her story fully restored.




The Missing Carbon Emissions

Obama’s grand plan to switch from fossil fuel to Green Energy will “skyrocket” the price of energy. The fact Solar and Wind Energy provide very little bang for the buck appears to be of no consequence to President Obama nor the fact high fuel costs will shaft the Middle Class and poor the most by reducing the quality of their basic living conditions.

Real Science

The team probably needs a huddle. Some days they say that atmospheric CO2 is soaring out of control, and other days the ocean is sucking CO2 up much faster than expected.

As recent research has shown, the Pacific is soaking up vast amounts of carbon emissions, more than than initially thought, leading to a flattening in the amount of global warming that’s happened.

A Warmer Pacific Ocean Leads to More Tornadoes | Motherboard

That sucking sound might also be the last few brain cells coming out their ears.

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Meet The Face of Evil: ObamaCare Architect for No Care For Disabled Children & Elderly – Deadly Doctor *Eziekiel Emmanuel

Meet The Face of Evil:  ObamaCare Architect for No Care For Disabled Children & Elderly –  Deadly Doctor *Eziekiel Emmanuel (not personally evil just his Health Care Rationing Ideology in my opinion)



Phony Climate – Carbon Social Cost Models Justify Green Theft Of Poor

Phony Climate Models


Phony Carbon Social Cost Models
The EPA is using Carbon Social Cost Models that a recent study says are useless when it comes to making policy decisions.
“When it comes to impact of climate change we know even less. IAM damage functions are completely made up with no theoretical or Empirical foundation.”


Climate change policy: what do the models tell us?
Chris Cooper (London) · Economics, Business & Globalization ·Environment
Very little. A plethora of integrated assessment models (IAMs) have been constructed and used to estimate the social cost of carbon (SCC) and evaluate alternative abatement policies. These models have crucial flaws that make them close to useless as tools for policy analysis: certain inputs (e.g. the discount rate) are arbitrary, but have huge effects on the SCC estimates the models produce; the models’ descriptions of the impact of climate change are completely ad hoc, with no theoretical or empirical foundation; and the models can tell us nothing about the most important driver of the SCC, the possibility of a catastrophic climate outcome. IAM-based analyses of climate policy create a perception of knowledge and precision, but that perception is illusory and misleading.


– Robert S Pindyck in a new paper. And this comes from someone who supports taxing carbon emissions.

Social Cost of Carbon Models “Useless” Should Not be used for policy


Earth To @EPA IPCC Invalidates Their Own Catastrophic Climate Change Predictions

This has been posted on other blogs like Watts Up With That. However, with the EPA now considering new regulations that would effectively bar construction of new coal power plants based on now invalidated IPCC Catastrophic Climate Change Predictions I thought this might be well worth repeating:

We see the IPCC take all the alarm out of alarming human-induced warming

To sum up the IPCC AR5 disaster scenarios and projections:

Abrupt collapse of Gulf Steam: Very unlikely 

Gradual irreversible ice sheet collapse: exceptionally unlikely 

Gradual irreversible permafrost net carbon release: low confidence 

Abrupt irreversible clathrate methane release: very unlikely Abrupt reversible tropical forest dieback: low confidence

Abrupt reversible temperate forest dieback : low confidence

Abrupt reversible disappearance of summer Arctic sea ice: likely, medium confidence in projection

Abrupt reversible long-term droughts: low confidence 

Abrupt reversible monsoon collapse: low confidence

Source: IPCC AR 5 Draft of 30th September 2013

To add to that the IPCC have adjusted their estimate for global temperature by 2100 downwards by nearly 1 degree C

As an added refutation to the Catastrophic Climate Change Theory Satellite RSS data shows no warming for 16 years 11 months 



Record Heat Produces Record Ice Growth At Both Poles

With all the evidence that goes against the Catastrophic Climate Change Theory why are President Obama and the EPA still trying to shut down new coal plants that would spur the American economy and create millions of new jobs?

Maybe President Obama and the EPA need to stop looking at the so called “harm” carbon does to the planet and figure out that being anti carbon is equivalent to being anti life. 

Real Science

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