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The Delusional Brain Of Doomsday #Climate Change Believers: Shaft The Poor – Get Rich – Feel Good About It

 1. Reality disagrees with the Doomsday Climate Predictions – There has been no warming for over 18 years and Severe weather was worse in the past when there were no SUVs. 

 2 Carbon aka CO2 is not a pollutant. CO2 makes the earth green and grows crops that feed the poor. 

 3. Pre fossil fuel life was short and brutal and slave labor was the norm. Post Fossil fuel life expectancy soared as did the standard of living of billions of people. Denying the poor of the 3rd world access to cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel is immoral. 

 4. Renewable Energy is weather dependent thus when no sun or wind it requires a fossil fuel backup to keep people from freezing in dark. In Germany where billions have been spent on wind and solar the import of coal has skyrocketed to keep the lights on. Electric rates have skyrocketed making electricity a good only the rich can afford. 

 5. Even if the Doomsday climate models are correct (and they are not) blowing billions of useless green energy will do nothing to mitigate climate change. Al it will do is line the pockets of the rich crony green capitalists at the expense of poor people. 

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