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A Christmas Gift From Dr. Bill Gray

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A Christmas Gift From Dr.Gray: There Is No Need To Destroy The U.S. Economy To Save The World From Bogus Climate Change.

Real Science

ScreenHunter_804 Mar. 21 15.34

Dr Bill Gray from CSU is a good friend, the most widely recognized hurricane forecaster, and one of the most senior global warming skeptics. He recognized the problems of global warming theory decades earlier than most former true believers like myself.  In 1996, CSU’s Bill Gray correctly predicted weak cooling for the next 20-30 years.

ScreenHunter_801 Mar. 21 15.15

As a special Christmas gift, Dr. Gray has provided us an essay with of some the atmospheric knowledge he has accumulated over the past seven decades. Better than a university education, at a much lower cost! And it is OK to open this gift a day early.


Stop Climate Fear Mongering –

CO2 Increases Can Cause Only Minimal Warming

by William M. Gray

Professor Emeritus

Colorado State University

(see project website for background on author –

December 23, 2014


The massively funded international global warming movement has grossly exaggerated the threat from CO

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Climate Prat of 2014 – We have a winnah!

Nazca Lines Cultural Heritage Site Permanently Ruined…”Marks Left By @Greenpeace Are Irreparable”! Ditto The World Thanks To These Prats


Another year, an udder climate prat has to be crowned, if you’ll forgive the bovine reference because quite frankly, there’s been so many to choose from out of the herd this time around, but very few standout climaticus maximus candidati. In the whole history of the Pratties, we’ve never had so many people nominated and it must have been agonising to cull down the nominations to the final five run off candidates.

My personal favourite, my little chickadee, my darlin’ and my pretty little doxy prat Leonardo, was blinder pratted in at the last moment by the committee. I’d no direct hand in that. Perhaps a few ex-committee conversations, but that’s only fair.

I’m aware there have been some questions raised in certain quarters on what might seem to be a disproportionate representation by a certain country in the final straight, but believe me, the committee have been scrupulously fair in the administration…

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Germany has a suicidal streak

Germany Is drinking the green poison Kool Aid. Germany is pouring billions of government subsidies into unsustainable and unreliable green energy like wind and solar that has no impact on carbon emissions and is destroying their economy. Will the U.S. follow their suicidal lead or stop drinking the green poison Kool Aid?

Energy is essential to an advanced economy. Germany is and should continue to be the strongest economy in Europe.

However, they keep nippin’ on the poison kool aid of green ideology. They even have a commie green party in the government.

And of course the lefties have taken over. Remember that their leader Angela Merkel, was once an East German commie leader–the apple doesn’t fall far from that tree.

Here’s Marita Noon’s essay on the German situation.

For immediate release: December 15, 2014.

Commentary by Marita Noon

Executive Director, Energy Makes America Great Inc.

Contact: 505.239.8998,

Germany’s “energy transformation:” unsustainable subsidies and an unstable system

Perhaps when Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel was a child, she attend a party and was the only one who came without a present, or wearing inappropriate attire—and the embarrassment she felt haunts her to this day. That’s how psychodynamic psychology (Freud) might explain her…

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EPA CO2 rules will make make people poorer — and then kill them

imageThe Democrats don’t care about poor and black people. Their Green Dictatorship puts people in the poor house while they jet off to the next climate conference.

Statistician Stan Young shows how the real costs and imaginary benefits of the EPA CO2 rule are a deadly combination.

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