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Young Greens Say the Darndest Things

Green activists argue that only way to stop Catastrophic Climate Change is to completely dismantle modern industrial civilization that is powered by fossil fuel. Fossil fuel that generates CO2 emmissions the culprit behind Catastrophic Climate Change according to their theory. Skeptics argue that dismantling modern industrial civilization is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. People will no longer be able to afford to heat or light their home, transport goods and run thier factories. Denying people energy from fossil fuel would lead to econonic ruin, poverty, more infant mortality and ultimately a shortened life span. Green activists point to Solar, Wind Turbines and Bio Fuel as viable alternatives to Fossil Fuel. This is a lie. Solar, Wind Turbines and Bio Fuel are more costly, inefficient and are arguably more harmful to the environment than fossil fuel. Climate Change Is Not The Problem – Energy Poverty Is

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Students in the fossil fuel divestment movement employ venom and vitriol, but little persuasive argument.


On February 24, the student association at Vassar College made an important decision. By a margin of 23-1, these young people passed a resolution urging their school to withdraw investment funds from fossil fuel companies.

According to a news report, a member of the Vassar Greens later declared that the vote

means we have the student body’s support behind us…We’re presenting this as something Vassar students want. [ellipsis in the original]

So what arguments were advanced by campus activists before this decision got made? A December 2012 opinion piece published in the student newspaper is a good place to start. Titled Vassar must take lead in fossil fuel divestment, it was written by three individuals – two co-presidents of the Vassar Greens as well as the person who appears to be the primary author…

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Obama Scandals – Latest Headlines – 5/24/13


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The Only Thing To Fear Are AGW Fear Mongers

The whole Alarmist Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (AGW) is falling apart.  Otto et al…First Rats To Leave The Sinking Ship That Is Man-Made Global WarmingThe existential problem for AGW Alarmists is their climate sensitivity predictions were wrong.  A problem AGW Alarmists cannot solve so they ignore it exists. Hence they reject the fact that in the last 15 years C02 levels have been rising but temperatures have not. 

Moreover, the Woodfortrees graph below clearly shows temperature changes lead co2 changes hence co2 can not be causing temperatures to rise.

Why are AGW Alarmists in the Big Green and Big Government halls of power so in denial about the good news that Co2 is not the planet destroyer they claimed it was? You would think that they would be jumping for joy that their quest to “decarbonize” the planet to “save” the planet (as Bill McKibben is calling for) is no longer necessary. After all the availability of cheap and abundant energy from fossil fuel would spur our economy, create more jobs and raise millions of people up from poverty. 
 Could it be true that the elites in the Big Green movement and in Big Government don’t want to know the truth? Maybe they fear the truth because it would obstruct their  plans to “de-carbonize” the planet thus effectively stopping human progress?  In their twisted view of humanity many of them believe humans are “a plague on the earth” who must be subjugated less they destroy the planet. 
The good news is that the so called “skeptics” are making some head way against the war on humanity the AGW Alarmists are waging. The Big Green and Big Government AGW Alarmists fear tactics and lies about Catastrophic Climate Change are being exposed. Articles in the mainstream media like Harrison H.Smith and William Happer: In Defense of Carbon Dioxide and Web Sites like WattsUpWithThat, Climate Depot, NoTricksZone, JoanneNova, Real Science and many others are getting the word out that Catastrophic AGW is just not happening. 
The bad news is that the forces behind the Big Green and  Big Government AGW Alarmists are super rich, powerful and ruthless. What makes them even more formidable is their delusional belief they are following the path of  “The hero with a Thousand Faces” on a hero’s journey to save the earth from the mythic monster called humanity. Their delusional belief that they are on the side of good allows them to justify all manner of evil misdeeds: 
The disquieting truth is that most of the activists behind the Big Green and Big Government AGW Alarmists movements are old white men. Old white men who have conned a younger generation of true believers into passionately working to achieve their masters anti humanistic goals. Goals that include transforming the world into a “decarbonized” two class society of energy poor serfs under the foot of a few rich elites in power.  
The question is will the truth about the beneficial characteristics of CO2 defeat the AGW Alarmists myth that CO2 is a destructive force of nature? A paper by Oliver K. Manuel “A Peaceful Resolution to Our Dilemma” may have the answer:  Embrace Nuclear Energy, the  source of energy from the Sun that created our Universe and life itself. As President Roosevelt once so famously said  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself“. What humanity must most fear today are the fear tactics used by the elites in power to stir up a baseless fear of CO2. CO2 is not the destroyer of life. CO2 in partnership with the Sun are the elixirs of all life on planet earth. 


It Looks Like Cook Cooked The Books & Obama Fell For It


The claim tweeted by President Obama that “Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” is not a true representation of the actual results of Cook’s Survey. Brandon Shollenberger and Carrick (Comment#113251) have a very revealing analysis of  how Cook came up with his 97% “Consensus” Survey. As per Cook\’s own definition in Catagory 1: only 65 out of 12,280 papers in his survey “strongly” endorsed *AGW as 50%+ See Carrick (Comment #113251) below for a summary of what is in Cook\’s AGW “Consensus” Survey.

Category 1: 65 Explicity endorses and quantifies AGW as 50+% (**probable)
Category 2: 934 Explicity endorses but does not quantify or minimise
Category 3: 2933 Implicitly endorses AGW but does not quantify
Category 4: 8269 No Position
Category 5: 53 Implicitly minimizes/rejects AGW
Category 6: 15 Explicitly mininizes/rejects AGW but does not quantify
Category 7: 10 Explicitly minimizes/rejects AGW as less than 50% (**probable)
Total 12280

Category 3 doesn’t assign a value to AGW (it doesn’t even imply that there is a net harm associated with AGW), so it in no way implies any kind of endorsement for high-cost economic remedies.” that will lead to economic ruin.
In conclusion, Only Category 1 is a strong endorsement of AGW (more than 50% human contribution to recent climate change). And even it doesnt say anything about “dangerous” or catastrophic. If President Obama wanted to be truthful he would not be referencing the data in Cook’s AGW “Consensus” survey as a means of justifying his Catastrophic Climate Change economic policies as Cook’s report does not support his claims. Economic policies if implemented will lead the U.S. into economic ruin and energy poverty that will hurt the poor the most.

* AGW Anthropogenic Global Warming

** probable my insert

The EU green hell

No temp. rise in 17 years.

The Ocean is not rising from co2 emissions

No change in the frequency of droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes… (See

Wheras the benefits of CO2 are indisputable. Without CO2 there would be no life on the planet.

So why would any one in their right might want to live in a fossil free world freezing to death because they cannot afford the high cost of “green” energy.

Financial Post | Opinion

Limits to growth ideology a self-fulfilling prophecy

The European Union’s utopian scheme of transforming itself into a green energy powerhouse is faltering as its fantasy plan is colliding with reality. As the EU’s economic and financial crisis deepens and unemployment continues to rise, what used to be an almost all-embracing green consensus is beginning to disintegrate.

The spectre of green stagnation, the loss of competitiveness and economic decline has replaced 20 years of collective wishful thinking. The green folly was founded on two apocalyptic fears: firstly, that global warming was an urgent threat that needed to be prevented at all cost, and secondly, that the world was running out of fossil fuels, which meant that oil and gas would inexorably become ever more expensive. Both conjectures, however, turned out to be bogus.

The unpredicted arrest of the global warming trend since 1997 has made clear that the IPCC’s climate models…

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