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Climate Change Is Not The Problem – Energy Poverty Is


Obama’s Climate Change Plan Will Add More Pollution To The Atmosphere – Not Less

“The newly released Presidents Climate Action Plan is a cornucopia of top-down commands to tax and micromanage the energy sector. It talks about imminent climate threats that the governments own scientists dont endorse, and it calls for policy actions that cannot be justified even on their own terms. If implemented, the president has advanced a plan for higher energy prices, slower economic growth, and a shifting of industry to China and India.”  

What is ironic is that as China and India become even more cheaper alternatives to America industry to prosper thet\’s where they and American jobs will go to. Thus Obama\’s Climate Change Plan to reduce “carbon pollution” will create more “carbon pollution” not less plus toxic pollution that America\’s coal plants do not produce. President Obama must be fully aware of the fact his Climate Plan will push industry to China and India where dirty coal plants will actually make the air worse. I can only assume he intentionally wants America to decline and Climate Change is just the excuse he is using to tank the American economy.


Know your enemy : the climate activist.

Green extremists are blind to the beneficial impact to the environment of enhancing CO2 concentrations. They fail to see that any preceived negative impacts have been small when compared to the public health benefits associated with affordable and reliable carbon-based energy and energy from nuclear power. Nor do they aknowledge the toxic impacts “green” energy has on the environment.
Their real motivation is fear and loathing of humanity and life itself.


In the context of this series of articles about getting to know the opposition, I think it’s important at an early stage to get a realistic view of what we’re actually dealing with when it comes down to this particular category, because so many of the people who fall into the other categories I’ll be covering are actually motivated more by their activist politics than anything else.

Instead of just diving straight into the profile, let’s take a different approach and simply pose some questions to a pure free range specimen of a climate activist, the answers to which should guide us towards a more realistic appraisal of what we’re actually dealing with. When I say pure, I’m talking about the ones who won’t dissemble and are too arrogant to tone down their true opinions. Even though they represent an extreme, we can still nethertheless learn something about the more moderate…

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President Obama’s Power Grab Over America’s Energy Resources

In the pre industrialized world of 1762 when cheap and reliable energy from coal did not exist Jean-Jacques Rousseaus Emile was written. It contained these words:

“One half of the children who are born die before their eighth year….This is natures law; why contradict it?”

On June 25, 2013,  President Obama gave his Climate Change speech. In his speech he claimed the world would be better off if cheap and reliable energy from coal did not exist. His speech contained these words. 

“While we may not live to see the full realization of our ambition, we will have the satisfaction of knowing that the world we leave to our children will be better off for what we did.” 

Thus in the pursuit of making “our children” “better off” President Obama declared he would use his power to extinquish the energy coal provides to the American people. Energy that provides over a third of America\’s power. He declared he will use his power to deny the American people the right to develop their vast natural fossil fuel resources. Energy resouces that would provide the American people and their children and childrens children cheap and reliable energy for 300 years or more. He declared he will use his power to destroy jobs in the coal industry and put people out of work. He declared he will use his power to waste billions of more tax payer dollars on failed green energy boondoggles like Solyndra that are toxic to the environment, unreliable and high cost sources of energy hurting the poor the most. He declared that he will use his power to “skyrocket” energy prices and thus lower the standard of living of the American people. 

President Obama\’s ruthless power grab of America\’s energy resources was met with little outrage. Perhaps because people have become complacent in a land rich with power to the point people no longer understand how their lives will change for the worse if that power becomes scarce, costly and under the control of the government. President Obama\’s power grab over our energy resources will thrust America back into a dark age. A dark age of unreliable and scarce power; brown outs and black outs; higher unemployment; more poverty; and more children dying. More children dying before their eighth year like it was back in 1762 when cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel did not exist. In President Obama\’s brave new carbon free world our children will not “better off” but worse off “for what we did”. The American Dream will have been transformed into an American nightmare. 

Thus the age of King George III will rise again in the once free land of America. President Obama said he wanted to “transform America” and he is keeping his promise.  America is being transformed from a Nation ruled by laws into a Nation once again ruled by an autocratic King. A King immune to any care of how his dictates impact the lives of his subjects. President Obama and his royal court are too busy living the high life jetting off to Africa in their fossil fuel powered air craft on a 100 million dollar vacation to care anything about the plight of the little people who are subject to his dictates over their access to power.

Power over America\’s energy resources is power over an individuals inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness granted to us by the Creator. President Obama has seized that power. A power he will only grant to his most loyal followers. His loyal followers in the media will remain deaf and blind to his trampling of the peoples\’ inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His false prophesies of doom and gloom intended to scare people into believing in the non existent threat of human caused Climate Change will not be challenged. His followers will blindly idolize him as their saviour come to save them from the catastrophic threat of “carbon pollution” from fossil fuel. They will be ignorant of the fact that his dictates to stop our use of fossil fuel in order to save the planet will be all pain for no gain. 

So as he uses his green dagger to strike at the heart of America\’s energy resources people will wonder why they and their children are not “better off” like he promised them they would be. They are poorer, less free and nothing has happened to change the climate for the better.  They will also wonder why America is no longer “a shining city on a hill”. A beacon of hope for all the oppressed people of the world. In the worse case scenario America\’s decline in power could set the world on a descent into more chaos, misery and war. Radical Islam in the East could rise. The West could fall. America\’s beacon of freedom around the world could fade away. America’s shinning light extinquished “for what we did” may be President Obama’s ultimate legacy.


Is Climate Change Theory Belief Genocide By False Prophecy???

Predicated on the false prophicies of  Climate Change Theory President Obama and his Green extremist followers believe the energy that emitts CO2 is the primary”culprit” behind Catastrophic Climate Change. They believe in this Apocalyptic vision of the future with little if  any credible emperical climate data to support their draconian dictates over the use fossil fuel energy. The Climate data used to justify President Obama’s Energy dictates in large part has been manipulated to fit the template earth will come to a catastrophic end if the State does not take control over the use of Fossil Fuel Energy. The  inconventient truth is the  climate models that fit President Obama;s apocalyptic climate prophecies have been poven to be an “Epic Fail

Numerous Warmists Scientists are now having to up to the reality that despite the rise in CO2 global warming has stopped for 17+ years.

The “severe weather” claims by the Green extremists and President Obama have also been proven false to the point the White House twitter feed has deleted tweets that may expose the President’s falsehoods on this issue. 

Despite all the false prophecies of the Climate Change Alarmists,  Green Extremists have found humanity guilty of destroying the earth  and their punishment is a slow path to extinction via energy poverty.  The famous French intellectual Pascal Bruckner describes the obstruction of fossil fuel development by Green Extremists as “The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse”

Green extremists are blind to the beneficial impact to the environment of enhancing CO2 concentrations. They fail to see that any preceived negative impacts have been small when compared to the public health benefits associated with affordable and reliable carbon-based energy and energy from nuclear power. Nor do they aknowledge the toxic impacts “green” energy has on the environment.


In addition the real world experience of Europe with so called “Green Energy” has proven to be very costly with little benefits to show for the billions spent converting to their use. In 2010, the Asian Development Bank announced that 800 million souls had been lifted out of poverty in recent years due to fossil-fuel-powered economic growth. 
Obstructing Fracking, the Keystone XL pipeline, drilling and coal mining is a pathway to economic ruin and poverty with no justification in the real world where humanity needs affordable energy to prosper. The quest to deny humanity access to affordable energy from fossil fuel is driven in main by the apocalyptic beliefs of a few green extremists in the EPA; powerful Green lobbies like the 350 org and the Sierra Club; politicians and their crony green capitalists friends who get billions of tax payer dollars to waste on toxic green energy projects.
President Obama could be a great man if he would cast off the chains of Western Leftist Ideology. An ideology immersed in hatred, divisiveness and lies. An ideology that fears and loaths the individual and worships the State. A State that has the power to control the use of energy  and “skyrocket” energy prices has  the powerr to tank an already fragile economy and plunge the American  people  into poverty. The unanwered  question is: Is Climate Change theory a  means to  Genocide by false  prophecy???


How Long Will The Idol Worshipping Obama Media CYA For Obama?

Obama may go down as one of the worst Presidents in history: 

Pulling the U.S. into a death spiral of debt, high unemployment and poverty, 

Losing two wars and allowing radical Islam to take over the Middle East, 

Destroying the best health care system in the world that even those in government who designed it are begging to get out from under. 

Plus if he sells out the U.S. for a few Democratic votes and gets Immigration Reform passed (without any border security) he will be known as the President who turned the U.S. into a third world Nation of poor people run by a small group of rich and corrupt elites who rule the masses with the invisible chains of government dependancy.

Moreover if his Climate Change Agenda gets implemented it will condemn the U.S. to dependency on Saudi Oil imports and government control over energy. Green Energy including Wind Turbines are not only bad for humans they are bad for Mother Earth. 


If the Obama Administration really cared anything about the environment they would also be measuring the “social cost of green energy” which is enormous including the impact of high energy costs on poor people. Higher Energy Costs = More Poor = More Children Dying.

Than to top it all off the Obama Presidency is one of the most scandal ridden Presidencies in history

Only a brain dead idol worshipping media would continue to cover for this guy. If Bush was still President everyone knows that the media would not let Bush get away with a tenth of the stuff they are letting Obama get away with. 


Russell Taylor – In praise of our green and pleasant land

Wind turbines are not about power to the people they are about power over the people by elite government overseers who rule the masses with invisible chains of government dependency symbolized by massive bird chomping eco towers laying waste to once bucolic green pastures.

I’ve just returned from a short break in Devon, which has to be one of the loveliest places on earth. If there is a God, then He can surely be seen in Devon’s rolling patchwork of fields and flowering hedgerows. It’s a landscape that stirs a pride of country as great as that evoked by our cultural and scientific achievements. As my grandfather would have said, it’s the view that won us the war.

While I admired this magnificent scenery, at no point did I think that it would benefit from the addition of a few 300-foot wind turbines. Yet, there are people living among us who would disagree; people who would like to carpet our countryside with these monstrosities; people who even claim to find them beautiful – a sentiment I find as credible as a Soviet peasant admiring the Tiger tank that had just squashed his grandmother.


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Why would Climate Scientists who developed the CO2 Climate Change models rig the data to show warming when there was none?

Maybe some insight into this may come from the background of first person to develop the CO2 Climate Change theory. His name was  Svante Arrhenius. 

He was the President of the Swedish Eugenics Society. “The Institute became associated with a forced sterilization program which affected 63,000 people and continued until 1975.[1]”ör_rasbiologi

Many of the people who believe in CO2 Climate Change like the creator of their theory also believe the planet is being destroyed by overpopulation. Believing the global overpopulation myth is the first step down the very slippery slope towards accepting the need for massive reduction in the human population or Chinese-style eugenics. However the founder of the Eugenics Theory, Ehrich, has been proven by reality to be wrong “Ehrlich’s predictions proved false. In the more than four decades since The Population Bomb was published, the number of people inhabiting the Earth has more than doubled, but the death and poverty rates have dropped, and life expectancy has increased. Not only are we feeding more people than ever before, we’re doing it with less land. What Ehrlich and other scientists missed was man’s propensity to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances.” Like wise the founder of the CO2 Climate Change Theory has been proven to be false. 

The inconvenient truth is that despite the rise in CO2 global temperatures have remained flat for 17+ years.  The people who still persist in believing in the two dooms day theories of  CO2 Climate Change Theory and her twin sister Sustainability aka Population Control/Eugenics hark back to the days of the Middle Ages when Religious Fanatics also preached the same type of doom and gloom. Humans are evil and in order to be redeemed must do penance for their sins. In the Religion of the today’s Green 
Religious Fanatics the penance is Energycide. 


Another Obama Scandal? Climate Lies

The CO2 AGW models that don’t reflect the real world with their deleted Medieval Warming Period and fudged outlier “warm” but not “colder” temperatures had only one function, to con the public out of more money.  Now the truth is out there. The AGW models are an EPIC FAIL 

and despite the rise in CO2 there has been no significant warming for 17+ years 

Moreover, “It is better to focus on the ever-widening discrepancy between predicted and observed warming rates. The IPCC’s forthcoming Fifth Assessment Report backcasts the interval of 34 models’ global warming projections to 2005, since when the world should have been warming at a rate equivalent to 2.33 Cº/century. Instead, it has been cooling at a rate equivalent to a statistically-insignificant 0.87 Cº/century:”

*No matter says Obama. Who will ignore the fact CO2 Climate Change Theory is built on a house of lies so he can continue to pay off his Green Crony donators with tax payer dollars.  

If the poor (he claims to care about the most) suffer with higher energy prices, lose their jobs and go on welfare that is just the way he likes it. He can count on the Media not to blow his cover and besides the poor are too stupid to figure out they are just drones in his game of power and greed. 

The poor, minorities women, young and the media will continue to idolize him no matter how many lies he tells and what he does to screw them. All he has to do is whisper sweet nothings in their ear and they will blindly follow him on a path to their ruin. 

*Not actual quotes from Obama

Why Is Obama Raising Carbon Price When There Is No Empirical Evidence For CO2 AGW Theory?

 There is no empirical evidence that supports the CO2 Catastrophic Climate Change Theory. So why than is President Obama going ahead with increasing the carbon price under the cover of darkness with no public input? 

  • Climate Scientists predicted that Antarctic Sea Ice will recede due to CO2 emissions.  It is expanding
  • Climate Scientists predicted that with a rise in CO2 temperatures would go up. CO2 has gone up but Temperatures have stopped rising. 
  • Climate Scientists predicted that in the future there would be no more snow. The Winters in Europe are getting bitter cold well into the spring.
  • Climate Scientists predicted more  hurricanes. There are fewer hurricanes
Bottom Line: Climate Models don’t reflect reality. The quesiton is will President Obama finally face up to the fact there is no emperical evidence that CO2 causes Climate Change and stop wasting billions of tax payer dollars that could be used in more rational ways like reducing the deficit. What is truely incomprehensible is the claim that 97% of Climate Scientists believe in CO2 Climate Change when 0% of their models are correct. What is really despicable is the people who deny these facts have blood on their hands. For example the EU Commission has FINALLY noticed Deaths during heat-waves have received much media attention in recent years, and yet cold weather is even more lethal. Heart/respiratory diseases and strokes claim more lives in cold weather. Climate Change is not the problem. Energy poverty is.

Below is a reblog of an article by P. Gosselin about the fact Climate Scientists are “baffled” by the fact Antartic Sea Ice Is Expanding. 

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More Baffled German Scientists – Expedition To Find Out “Why Antarctic Sea Ice Is Expanding”

AWI Polar SternFor a science claimed to have been settled already years ago, there sure are lots of new, profound questions popping up. For example: Why has global warming stopped? or Why are European winters getting bitter cold? or Why have the models been so wrong? or Where are the hurricanes!

Now there’s another question that has been unsettling scientists as of late: Why is Antarctic sea ice expanding?

Anatarctic Sea Ice growth

Antarctica sea ice anomaly. Source:

This is one question a German research institute now aims to answer. Antarctica has long been a painful thorn in the warmists’ side. Hopefully a real answer will be found, and not some concocted plausible-sounding explanation of the sort we’ve been getting lately.

Germany’s polar research center Alfred Wegener Institute located in Bremerhaven has issued a press release about its upcoming expedition to Antarctica.

Below I’ve highlighted the part describing one of the purposes of the expedition:

Bremerhaven, 6 June 2013. A group of researchers from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research is flying to South Africa today. However this trip south is no summer holiday, but rather the start of a special journey: on Saturday, 8 June 2013 the research vessel Polarstern will be embarking on an expedition to the Antarctic winter. 49 researchers from institutes in twelve countries together with 44 crew members will spend a good two months in the Southern Ocean. They will be exploring the sea ice, the atmosphere and the ocean, until the expedition comes to an end on 12 August in Punta Arenas, Chile.

The research ice-breaker Polarstern is one of the few ships in the world that is able to navigate the Antarctic Ocean in the winter. At this time of the year the Weddell Sea, which is the destination of the expedition, is covered by sea ice, and the members of the expedition team will face temperatures of around minus 30 degrees Celsius and the polar night with only a few hours of twilight. These special conditions have meant that not enough research has been carried out into several physical, chemical and biological processes in the Antarctic winter. The Antarctic plays a key role in the Earth System: It is where the so-called deep water, which drives global ocean currents, is formed.

Chief scientist Prof. Dr. Peter Lemke from the Alfred Wegener Institute has assembled an international team and is taking the most modern research equipment on the expedition in order to obtain baseline data in the wintery Antarctic. On the Greenwich Meridian through to the Antarctic coast the team plans to investigate, for example, the fundamental question of why Antarctic sea ice is expanding slightly whilst the sea ice cover in the Arctic is steadily shrinking.

The second half of the expedition then moves on to the incipient spring: the planned route takes the Polarstern from the Antarctic coast in a north-westerly direction, away from the polar night and into the rising sun. The second central question addressed by the research programme looks at which mechanisms permit the ecosystem of the Southern Ocean to come back to life after the long, cold and dark winter. You can also follow the route of the Polarstern live here:”

Photo: Polarstern research vessel of the Alfred Wegener Institute. Source: Alfred Wegener Institute.


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