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Climate Change Snake Oil Salesmen Hand Over Your Money To Us And You Can Save The Earth

The Climate Change Snake Oil Salesmen have convinced their Climate Drones that growing biofuel crops in place of food crops is a good idea. Moreover, it is worth spending a billion dollars a day on Renewable Energy like Wind, Solar and Biofuel. The Drones never look behind the curtain to see the destruction to  Rain Forests, Natural  Habitats and  WildLife Wind, Solar and Biofuel Crops do to the environment or if the billion dollars spent each day on Habitat Destroying Renewables  could be spent in much more useful ways. Anyone who dares question the Climate Snake Oil Salesmen are demonized as “Deniers” or “Anti Science” The Climate Snake Oil Salesmen have conned their followers into buying the Snake Oil that they are  on a mission from God to “Save The Earth”.

The US is sitting on huge reserves of  fossil fuel  resources not requiring giant Wind Turbine plants blighting the landscape which only work when there is wind and kill endangered species in their giant meat grinders or Solar plants which are amazingly inefficient; produce lots of heat and “global warming” in their environment; block the sun from the underlying land they occupy, and require precious water, in desert environments, to be cooled. Not to mention incinerate  birds alive in  flight over  them. 

The Climate Drones have bought all the Climate Snake Oil and never bother look behind the curtain to see all the destruction Wind, Solar  and Biofuel  crops have on the environment. They buy into using the boot of an autocratic government  to impose “rules” that dictate blocking the poor’s use of cheap and efficient energy from coal. Instead boatloads of coal will be shipped to the rest of the world the poor in the US are denied access to. Fuel costs will “Skyrocket” as President Obama promised. The poor in the US will be further impoverished. The air will become dirtier as industry in the US move to China where the cost of energy is much cheaper. No matter the coal plants are much dirtier in China. The Climate Drones have bought the Snake Oil that they are on a mission from God “To Save the Earth”.


NASA Is Constantly Cooling The Past And Warming The Present

It is not surprising that government uses lies and deceit to sell their totalitarian policies. Totalitarian policies that benefit the few at the expense of the many. The many being the poor and middle class whose standard of living even life will be threatened by the “skyrocketing” energy costs the EPA policies will impose by government fiat. The proposed EPA anti fossil Fuel policies are promoted as “saving the planet” from disastrous climate change and preventing asthma and heart attacks. The facts are empirical data shows that: Weather was more severe in the past; Global temperature have not risen for 17 years 9 months and CO2 is not a pollutant. In fact CO2 is essential to life. Bottom Line: Obama’s Climate Policies: Shaft the poor with “skyrocketing” fuel prices – Whack Natural Habitats and Wildlife with Wind,Solar and Biofuel Death Traps and Enrich the Climate Activists elitists.

Real Science

Over the past 15 years, NASA and NOAA have turned a long term US cooling trend into a warming trend. But it is even worse than that, because almost every year they make the past cooler and the present warmer.

The animation below starts at the NASA 1999 version, and progresses through 2013 – showing how they year after year tweak the measured cooling data to create the appearance of a warming signal – which does not exist in the thermometer data.

What is really ugly about this is that they overwrite the data in place, don’t archive the older versions, and make no mention of their changes on the web pages where the graphs are displayed. There should be prominent disclaimers that the actual thermometer data shows a 90 year cooling trend in the US, and that their graphs do not represent the thermometer data gathered by tens of thousands of…

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Obama’s Climate Plan: Poor Get Shafted – Nature Gets Whacked – Climate Activists Get Rich

President Obama uses so called self serving Climate “experts”  to claim CO2 from man made fossil fuel sources acts as a trigger to warm the planet and cause all types of Weather Catastrophes like drought, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes. Thus anyone who dares to challenge these so called “experts” are smeared as “deniers” . Just ignore the inconvenient truth the historical record and current data contradicts the scare mongering claims made by President Obama’s “experts” and just blindly believe whatever the Wizard of Oz says behind the curtain. 

So how do President Obama’s “experts” explain how CO2 from man made fossil fuel sources acts as a trigger for runaway warming in their doom and gloom Climate Change scenarios given the facts:

— Empirical Climate Data contradicts President Obama’s doom and gloom Climate Change Scenarios. 

       Global temperatures have not risen as predicted by the Climate “expert” models

       Weather was more severe in the past

       Global Temperature were warmer in the past 

— Man’s contribution of atmospheric CO2 is 3% of the 379 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. About 11.4 parts per million or .00114% of the atmosphere.

—CO2 absorbs heat only on the 15 Um wavelength and saturates quickly then dumps the remainder. 

— CO2 is not a potent greenhouse gas compared to Water Vapor and Methane which both are much more effective at trapping heat.

So why is President Obama picking on Atmospheric CO2 when Water Vapor and Methane are much more potent greenhouse gases and the empirical data contradicts his “experts” doom and gloom climate scenarios?


— Governments can’t tax Water Vapor or Methane. 

—Wall Street tycoons can’t make money trading Water Vapor and Methane

—Green solar, wind and biofuel crony capitalists won’t get billions of dollars of tax payer money to build their nature and wildlife death traps. 

— Climate Activists like Greenpeace can’t make money fundraising by claiming they are “saving the planet”

— Academia can’t get government grants claiming they are studying the effects of Man Made Climate Chang to help “save the planet.

— The UN can’t justify spending billions flying around the world on gas guzzling jets to Climate Conferences on how to “save the world” from man made Climate Change.
By the way, you do know that all life on earth exists thanks to CO2 and studies have shown that higher levels of CO2 are better for a green earth and a warmer planet fosters human civilization? So until President Obama and his green terminators find a way of making money off of water vapor expect the scare mongering to continue. In the meantime it is the poor that get shafted via fuel poverty from “skyrocketing” fuel prices and nature gets whacked via wind, solar and biofuel death traps. 


Ontario, Canada: A Mirror of America’s Economic Future Mortgaged To Falsified Climate Science

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball

clip_image002If Obama’s policies on energy and environment were truly original they would be worth consideration, but they are not. He dismisses claims that

The economy will lose millions of jobs and billions in growth. He said, “Let’s face it, that’s what [critics] always say,” and “every time … the warnings of the cynics have been wrong.

Wrong! They failed disastrously everywhere and every time they were applied. Figure 1 above shows a poster from Britain, one of several European nations on the path
Obama pursues.

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In House testimony, Botkin dismantles the IPCC 2014 report

The only impact President Obama’s EPA Anti Fossil Fuel Regulations will have is to create more poverty and stifle economic growth. Time for people to realize that the Democratic Party is all about power to the elites. The Democrats don’t give a damn about the negative impact their policies have on the poor.

Watts Up With That?

botkinPolicycritic writes: You need to read this, Anthony. He dismantles the IPCC 2014 report for Congress. Botkin’s bio:

“Daniel B. Botkin, a world-renowned ecologist, is Professor (Emeritus), Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara, and President of The Center for The Study of The Environment, which provides independent, science-based analyses of complex environmental issues. The New York Times said his book, *Discordant Harmonies: A New Ecology for the 21st Century* is considered by many ecologists to be the classic text of the [environmental] movement.” His Environmental Science, now in its Sixth Edition, was named 2004′s best textbook by the Textbook and Academic Authors Association.”

Indeed, and I’ve made the full written testimony available, plus a video showing Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) poses questions to the witness panel at the Full Committee hearing titled, “Examining the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Process.” where he grills Daniel B…

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EPA spokeswonk tries to sell Obama’s power plan with nirvana style graphics

Watts Up With That?

ObamaPower_plan_videoWow, this EPA guy (Joseph Goffman, EPA Associate Assistant Administrator & Senior Counsel) thinks that renewables are going to make up 30% of the power grid by 2030. That may be, but the big hidden gotcha in that is that 30% is not power on demand. It is at the whims of wind and clouds. By replacing that much of the power grid with transient energy, look for brown-outs and black-outs in our future. What happens in a major heat wave (which they predict will be more frequent) and the wind does not blow? Watch the video:

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