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EPA Trying To Justify Their Economy Killing Rules Through Junk Science

Germany dumped 100 billion euros down the toilet on Green Energy and CO2 went up so why is Obama and the EPA not learning from Germany’s mistake?

Real Science

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Obama’s Green Dream – No Hope & Change – Just Disintegration & Suffering

Obama’s dystopian vision of the future is no longer about “Hope and Change” it’s all about disintegration and suffering. Take for example his Green Dream for a world without fossil fuel.

A future without cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel would plunge the world back into the dark ages. I say to Obama and all his ilk in the so called Green movement. YOU FIRST!


Prince Charles In Astonishing Attack On Capitalism

Climate Change is Not the Problem Fuel Poverty Is


By Paul Homewood


It seems the inbred, soon to be our next King, has been making a fool of himself again. Speaking at the “Inclusive Capitalism Conference” (whatever that is) in London, he has called for “an end to capitalism as we know it in order to save the planet from global warming.”

The Telegraph report:

Prince Charles has called for an end to capitalism as we know it in order to save the planet from global warming.

In a speech to business leaders in London, the Prince said that a “fundamental transformation of global capitalism” was necessary in order to halt “dangerously accelerating climate change” that would “bring us to our own destruction”.

He called for companies to focus on “approaches that achieve lasting and meaningful returns” by protecting the environment, improving their employment practices and helping the vulnerable to develop a new “inclusive capitalism”.

The Prince…

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NASA Eliminates The 100% Consensus For Global Cooling

NASA should be investigated and held accountable for the alleged fraud associated with altering temperature data to show global warming when the reality shows the opposite.

Real Science

The EPA used to have this inconvenient document on their web site, showing about 0.2C cooling from 1940 to the 1960’s

ScreenHunter_144 May. 26 04.06

ScreenHunter_138 May. 26 03.12

Figure 2-1. Global temperature trend for past century based on J. Hansen 1981

At the time, scientists unanimously agreed that the world was cooling.

ScreenHunter_147 May. 26 04.26


That cooling didn’t fit the global warming agenda, so NASA simply got rid of it. They now show warming after 1950.


Fig.A.gif (656×446)

I digitized the 1981 graph and calculated the alterations NASA has made to their own global temperature record since 1981. They progressively cooled the past to exaggerate warming, with most of the data tampering coming between 1940 and 1960 – in order to eliminate the post 1940 cooling trend.

ScreenHunter_146 May. 26 04.21

When you are saving the planet, sometimes you just have to alter the data. Gaia demands it.

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To End Poverty The Poor Need Cheap Energy – Not High Cost, Inefficient and Destructive To Nature “Green” Energy

In “The Morality of Cheap Energy” Stephen Moore observes:

there’s a wonderful new essay out by energy expert Kathleen Hartnett White of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. It is called, provocatively: “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.”

Her thesis is fairly logical when you think about it: “Affordable energy is the wellspring of life itself. We use it for food, shelter, clothing and everything that we need to live a productive life.”
She also notes that cheap energy is the great equalizer in terms of levelizing living standards. “The poor,” she explains, “benefit most from cheap energy, and keeping energy production up and prices low is one of the best anti-poverty programs.”

Moore further questions:

Is it moral to take money from taxpayers without their consent to support one industry over another?
Is it moral to have an energy policy that intentionally keeps prices high? Is it moral to eliminate potentially hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S. and ship them to China and India and Mexico when we have 18 million unemployed Americans?

Bjorn Lomborg writes The Poor Need Cheap Fossil Fuels

What those living in energy poverty need are reliable, low-cost fossil fuels, at least until we can make a global transition to a greener energy future. This is not just about powering stoves and refrigerators to improve billions of lives but about powering agriculture and industry that will improve lives.

Over the last 30 years, China moved an estimated 680 million people out of poverty by giving them access to modern energy, mostly powered by coal. Yes, this has resulted in terrible air pollution and a huge increase in greenhouse gas emissions. But it is a trade-off many developing countries would gratefully choose.

Moreover, Climate Alarmists are willfully blind to the economic cost and destruction they are doing to Mother Nature and humanity based on the false prophecies of Alarmists Climate Scientists. How the Global Warming Scare Began 


The bottom line is Climate Alarmists Anti: fossil fuel, economy, jobs and poor edicts (intended to reduce CO2 emissions) will have little if any impact on mitigating Climate Change. 

 or “fix the weather” per the University of Manchester 

So the next question is why why are Climate Alarmists so obsessed with wasting trillions of dollars on reducing CO2 emissions from fossil fuel when it will have no impact on mitigating climate change? 

When the “Cure” is worse than the alleged “disease” who should be prosecuted for Climate Crimes?

All Pain For No Gain:
Poor Get Shafted 

Mother Nature gets whacked. 

Climate Alarmists are the ones who are destroying Mother Nature by destroying natural habitats with biofuel crops and slaughtering eagles on the blades of wind turbines and burning birds alive who fly over solar panels. 

Eagles Slaughtered By The Blades of Wind Turbines Is Barbaric  


Your electricity bill will skyrocket

Coal provides 40% of US Energy. Shutting down coal makes the EPA, President Obama and the Democrats the Number 1 enemy of the poor, Jobs, the economy and the American way of life.

The EPA’s expected air pollution rules will result in higher costs and a less competitive industry. 

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Governor Brown At Epicenter Of Global Warming Stupidity

Governor Jerry Brown Climate Alarmism Contradicted by Observation: Satellite Data Shows Sea Level Is Falling In California
Historical Records Show Droughts In California More Severe In Past

Real Science

California is at the “epicenter” of global warming and other climate change, with the state experiencing longer fire seasons, rising sea levels and droughts that threaten agriculture, Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday.

Gov. Brown: California At ‘Epicenter’ Of Climate Change « CBS Los Angeles

Satellites show that sea level is falling in California

ScreenHunter_56 May. 20 07.38

sl.jpg (588×384)

In 1991, California had a fire which destroyed 3,000 homes.


California has had droughts lasting over 200 years

ScreenHunter_1379 Jan. 08 22.32

Severe Ancient Droughts: A Warning to California – New York Times

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New study finds sea levels rising only 7 in. per century – with no acceleration

@TomSteyer Buys @HarryReid All the money on earth can’t control #climate only God

Watts Up With That?

Fig. 3.  Global sea level reconstruction since 1807, blue shadow represents 5 and 95% confidence interval from CO2 Science : The authors write that “satellite altimetry measurements since 1993 have provided unique information about changes in global and regional mean sea levels,” suggesting a mean rate of rise of 3.2 mm/yr for global sea level over the period 1993-2012 (Boening et al., 2012; Cazenave et al., 2012), which “notably exceeds the estimate of 1.8 mm/yr sea level rise for the 20th century (Bindoff et al., 2007).”

So which rate is closest to the truth?

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Let’s talk West Antarctic Ice Shelf, thank you Dr. Easterbrook

The latest media and leftist politician global warming scare shows why the public is distrustful of media and of politicians and rightly so. They are all full of B.S.

I know this, that the planet will not be destroyed by carbon dioxide in the amounts currently present.

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Pseudoscientists’ eight climate claims debunked

What cannot be denied is that the Alarmist Climate Models DO NOT AGREE WITH REALITY! Ergo, Obama’s mission to “skyrocket” fuel prices and thereby drive millions into poverty is morally wicked.

Watts Up With That?

mad_science_guyGuest Essay By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The intellectual dishonesty of the Thermageddonites is well demonstrated in a particularly fatuous piece entitled Eight Pseudoscientific Climate Claims Debunked by Real Scientists at the hand-wringing-and-hysteria website

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