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March 7, 2015


Is Obama turning America into a Police State?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
The prosecution and targeting by the IRS of President Obama’s political opponents are the tactics of an autocrat. So is his Rule by Executive Fiat when Congress won’t pass his agenda as is his witch hunt against ideological opponents like the Climate Skeptics who disagree that the life giving gas CO2 is destroying the earth 

But what is Obama’s end game? Is his aim not to build but to destroy the U.S.? In the preface to Dreams From My Father Obama makes clear he views “Western imperialism, racism, colonialism” as the “Core” Reason for Radical Islamic Violence and most of the ills of the world. Is this why he is willing to negotiate with Iran and provide them with the capability and materials to develop Nuclear Weapons?

Is Obama’s utopian vision to reconstruct the the United States along the concepts of Social Justice; Equality; and The Elimination of the Profit Motive via the use of government force? In other words transform America from a Capitalistic Nation into a  Socialistic/Communistic Nation? If this is his aim why is his Administration infested with filthy rich crony greens like Tom Steyer? Elitist rich who profit from the redistribution of private wealth by government fiat that line their pockets and impoverish the poor. The poor who end up being biggest victims of this utopian vision of “social justice”  that in main is driven by the quest for power and money.
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  1. Mar 7 2015

    Yes, America has been headed to a police state since the end of WWII. Perhaps their initial intentions were good, as “the road to hell is paved.”

    It seems CHAOS and FEAR in AUG-SEPT 1945 frightened Good, Honorable People into

    1. Forming the UN in OCT 1945, and
    2. Forbidding public knowledge of the energy that had destroyed Hiroshima:

    Those Good, Honorable People” may not have intended to isolate society from the reality (truth, God) of creation, but that is exactly what happened!

    • Mar 13 2015

      The above one-page “Sequel to Climategate” illustrates the absolute absurdity of the 1945 decision to rule the world by deceit.


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