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February 25, 2015


#Climate Crooks Can’t Handle The Truth

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Powerful forces within western elites led by Obama and the Democratic Party have been pushing the AGW myth for decades. They have invested huge amounts of time & money trying to convince the world of their climate alarmist theories. However, with the #Climategate revelations and given the fact their doomsday Climate forecasts have failed to materialize, they have lost significant credibility. Thus they resort to smearing anyone who dares to challenge their disproven by reality dooms day Climate Theories. 


Public opinion polls clearly substantiate that the alarmists continue to lose momentum as public interest and more pressing issue arise like Radical Islamic Terrorism and the realization that their preferred alternatives to fossil fuel (renewables) don’t work most of the time. When there is no sun or wind (or in the case of solar panels under two feet of snow) renewables need a fossil fuel or battery back up to keep the lights on. Moreover, despite billions blown on renewables in Germany Germany can’t keep their lights on without massive Russian Coal imports which are at their highest level since 2006… People have figured out that it is pure insanity to blow billions of tax payer dollars on wind and solar that stop working during those cold winter days under six feet of snow that the Climate Alarmists predicted the world would never see again due to man made global warming. 


The bottom line is the empirical evidence does not support the theory that CO2 emissions from fossil fuel have had a significant impact on climate. The computer climate models that the IPCC uses to promote global warming have ALL failed the test of reality. The Climate models projected temperatures when compared with observed temperatures over the last 18 years are not going up as the Models predicted. And to add insult to injury the divergence between projected temperatures and observed temperatures is INCREASING. When there is NO empirical evidence to support the Alarmists Climate Theory the theory can no longer be called “science” It is a Religion.
Given all of this desperation by the climate alarmists their only recourse is the shabby treatment and smear campaigns of prominent climate scientists who dare to expose their lies. What is even more troubling is that it is the warmists who are the guilty parties when it comes to being on the take for big oil funding. See The Long List Of Warmist Organizations and Scientists Who Haul In Huge Money From BIG OIL And Heavy Industry! Let’s see the Democrats investigate the influence BIG OIL has on Warmists. Money Big Oil would get from Carbon Trading perhaps?


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  1. Feb 25 2015

    How to win battles and lose the war

    Only a few minor puppet “scientists” were identified when Climategate emails surfaced in late Nov 2009.

    Now thanks to a strategy guided by arrogance, the commander-in-chief himself is leading defense of the AGW fable as the NE part of the country experiences record cold.

    The AGW scandal and Obama’s skills have probably made it impossible for world leaders to continue the seventy year project to hide the force that made and sustains atoms of elements from condensed nuclear matter in the core of the Sun – NEUTRON REPULSION!

    • Feb 25 2015

      George Orwell’s book, “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” Sir Fred Hoyle’s autobiography, “Home Is Where The Wind Blows” (pp. 153-154) and Paul K. Kuroda’s book, “The Origin of the Chemical Elements and the Oklo Phenomenon” (p. 2) guided me to ask why world leaders agreed to form the UN and to hide the source of solar energy in 1945:

      Thanks to Climategate and Obama’s inept leadership, the influence of the Sun’s pulsar core on Earth’s climate cannot be hidden from the public.


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