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February 12, 2015


The Manchurian Candidate

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Obama Shuts down U.S. Coal and blocks Oil development. Gives green light to India and China’s Coal. What???

Real Science

After making a deal with China where the US throttles its energy supply, and China doubles their CO2 emissions through the year 2030 – Obama has done the same with India. The deal has India more than doubling their coal output.

ScreenHunter_1044 Feb. 12 12.59India’s climate change pledge won’t hinder its coal output plan – Economic Times

ScreenHunter_5214 Dec. 15 07.312013 Global Carbon Project

What Obama is doing has nothing to do with CO2 or climate, because any changes the US makes are in the noise of what is going on in Asia. Obviously there is a different agenda, which requires an army of progressive useful idiots.

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  1. Feb 12 2015

    Forces of the world appear again to be lining up for battle:

    1. On one side are almost all of the world’s political power and puppet “scientist” that adjust observations and data to fit UN’s Agenda 21.

    2. On the other side, with little of no political power and only the power of truth, are a few remaining believers in the scientific method as a sacred path.

    This one admittedly biased observer is absolutely confident of the outcome.


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