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February 10, 2015


HEADLINE NEWS!!! the Biggest Science Scandal EVER The Biggest Media Coverup EVER!!!

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Fiddling with Temperature Records To Cool the past so the present looks like it is warming when it is NOT!

There is no dispute now that the global warming scare is in main due to adjustments in the temperature records that NOAA made. Adjustments that increased the apparent warming trend. For example the 1940’s warming spike (that was greater than present) disappeared in the current NOAA records. These adjustments to the temperature records have not been well-explained. In fact, they have not really been explained at all, and have only been detected by skeptics who kept archives of old NOAA temperature records and created comparisons with the current NOAA records like the one in the following link The animation shows the before and after (pre-2000 NOAA US temperature history vs. post-2000). History has been cooled and modern temperatures have been warmed where the NOAA’s raw data recorded cooler temperatures. This Has Dramatically Altered The Temperature Records After The Year 2000 Which Would Have Showed NO Warming Trend!!!

Since President Obama is using altered data to justify “skyrocketing” everyone’s electricity rates and shutting down the U.S. Coal Industry that will kill millions of jobs it is very odd the mainstream media are not covering this story. Moreover, National Security is at stake as President Obama is cutting off access to the U.S.’s vast natural fossil fuel resources. Fuel resources that would make the U.S. independent from the need for Middle Eastern Oil which helps fund terrorism and in a constant state of war. It calls in to question why the main stream media are not covering this story since it has such a great impact on the economy and National Security. Perhaps the media are on the payroll of Saudi Oil or one of Obama’s crony green capitalists who stand to gain the most by shutting down U.S. Fossil Fuel resources? If not why is the media not covering this story? Inquiring minds want to know.
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  1. Feb 10 2015

    Temperature adjustments are minor compared to adjustments made by space “scientists” to hide the fact that the Sun selectively moves lightweight elements and lightweight isotopes of each element to the photosphere and solar wind.

    The curved line defined by data points from analysis of Apollo lunar dirt was converted into a flat, horizontal line to confirm the Standard Solar Model’s prediction: The interior of the Sun must be composed of H and He just like the Sun’s outer photosphere:


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