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February 3, 2015


Shut Down U.S. Oil Keep Buying Middle Eastern Oil That Helps Fund Terrorists Obama Says

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Two new papers show the Sun (not CO2 emmisions from Fossil Fuel) is the “Climate Pacemaker” However, since government can’t control the Sun or tax sunlight President Obama is telling us that if you hand over your money to government they have the power to “save the earth” from fossil fuel CO2 emissions that is the “greatest threat to future generation” those evil humans are using to better their lives with and create jobs. What?

Moreover, we all know another one of  President Obama’s top priorities is ending the threat to the world of  (not to be called by name) Radical Islam. Radical Islam which is in great part funded by the Middle East’s vast oil reserves. So why not develop the U.S.’s vast oil reserves in order to cut U.S. dependency on Middle Eastern Oil that helps funds terrorism you say? President Obama says, Nope. Let’s just continue buying oil from the Middle East and shut down oil development here in U.S. like in the vast Oil Reserves in the Alaska Anwr It all makes sense right?  Hmmm

In the meantime more and more evidence is mounting up that counters President Obama’s dooms day scenarios about CO2 emissions from fossil fuel being the primary control knob of climate change.

The Sun Is The Climate Pace Maker

“This discovery has significant implications for climate science more generally. “You can’t get phase locking like this unless there is some non-linearity in the system somewhere,” stated Douglass. The appearance of such non-linear and chaotic processes at work in driving the climate system explains the abrupt changes between periods of phase locking. It also means that attempts to model climate phenomena such as El Nino events with conventional climate models that take past data and incrementally project it into the future are flawed.

…..Douglass – who is seen as being somewhat sceptical on the subject of climate change – believes that this has implications for other computer models used in climate science: “The models won’t work,” he stated bluntly

The research also provides more evidence to those who argue that the sun plays a larger role in changes in the climate system than has previously been acknowledged.”


So in the mind of President Obama it makes sense to remain dependent on Middle Eastern Oil that helps fund radical Islamic terrorists via shutting  down U.S. vast fossil fuel reserves that would create millions of jobs.  Right?  (NOT!) Follow the Money. 


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  1. Feb 3 2015

    Obama and Stalin’s other little helpers are going down now that we know what they hid from the public for seventy years (1945-2015):


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