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January 28, 2015


Green False Prophets Of Doom Pitching Quack Cures To “Save The Earth”

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Nothing Green’s are pitching to “Save the Earth” is based on reality. None of their prophecies of doom have been borne out by reality. CO2 has gone up but there has been no global warming for 18 plus years now.

All of their Doomsday Predictions have been proven FALSE by reality!!!
Their cures to “Save The Earth” from Catastrophic Climate Change like Green Energy don’t work. For example it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when there is no sun at night or on a cloudy day Solar Panels produce ZERO power. Ditto Wind Turbines. When there is no wind there is NO power. Thus some source of conventional power like fossil fuel or batteries are required to back wind and solar up which is counter to the Greens goal of a no carbon energy source.
Moreover Wind and Solar require the use of non-renewable toxic rare earth elements for their manufacture; are high cost which hurts the poor the most; and are destructive to wild life and natural habitats. So calling wind and solar “Renewable” or “Clean” or better for the environment than fossil fuel is another BIG LIE of Green Catastrophic Climate Change Believers. After all is said in done this means solar and winds Energy Return On Investment (EROI) is
so low they cannot sustain modern civilization.
So who in their right mind would invest in Green Energy that doesn’t work most of the time; generates as much if not more CO2 as fossil fuel during their life cycle (from manufacture to disposal); is non renewable and toxic to the environment? Only the so called geniuses who know best in government would that’s who.
Other bat shit crazy ideas of Greens include Al Gore’s call for government enacting a law banning cars from all major cities and Academy of Science Call for Zero Carbon Emissions recommendation which equates to ZERO life
as there would be no life on planet earth without CO2.
So instead of facing reality and admitting they have been wrong about Catastrophic Climate Change they resort to Exploding Kid Movies; Behead The Disbelievers; Holocaust Denier Hate Speech; Blatant Lies & Fraud
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  1. Jan 28 2015

    Rejoice! Big Brother is going down!

    Our challenge now is to:

    1. Retain the benefits of, and
    2. Eliminate the deception in

    The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015

    We must not get side-tracked trying to punish those who used grant funds to deceive the public for the past seventy years.


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