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January 27, 2015


The Great Blizzard Of 2015 Climate Policy Lessons: When Bad Predictions Equals Bad Policy The People Pay The Price

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Climate Change aka Carbon dioxide mitigation to “Save The Earth” craze has attracted a hodgepodge of greedy for power and money opportunists like a magnet: 
  • Leviathan government bureaucrats and politicians who hunger for more power;
  • Green crony capitalists sucking on the tit of tax payer subsidies;
  •  Communists; 
  • Anti Nuclear Power Activists;
  • Carbon Traders; 
  • Neo-Malthusian over-population and resource-reduction Activists; 
  • Academia who prosper by linking Catastrophic Climate Change Predictions with Government Funding; 
  • Anti industrial/fossil fuel green activists like Friends of the Earth and their ilk who want to go back to an agrarian civilization or even further back to a hunter gatherer era when life was short and brutal
  • Foreign powers like the Saudis and Russians-who profit by quelling Western Fossil Fuel development  
All of the above power hungry and greedy Climate opportunists use speculative catastrophic climate predictions that are based on reality-free Climate Models as a justification for their bad and destructive to society Climate Policies: 

The Climate Change “Sky is Falling” Craze can best be described as way of providing income and purpose in life for people who would otherwise be unemployable and aimless. As a result billions of people suffer, their lives are disrupted, more poverty is created and billions of dollars are blown on useless green energy.
Judith Curry has a good description of what happens when bad Climate and bad Weather predictions make for bad policy.

“I believe the Blizzard of 2015 for New York City is a political teaching moment. Amongst predictions of an unprecedented storm, hurricane wind strength, snow accumulations of 24 to 30 inches, NYC was shut down, transportation stopped, La Guardia closed and JFK only partially open, flights from the West Coast were stopped idling airplanes at LAX & SFO all in the name of the precautionary principle. Everything predicted based upon models

What transpired was an accumulation of 3 to 6 inches, winds 5 to 7 MPH. All transportation previously shut down due to the impending storm are back up running.

Now the teaching moment: What did the shut down of the East Coast, and in particular NYC cost? For one day, the airlines lost $ 1 billion dollars. Think of the lost wages, tips, and commerce, sales, deals, not made because of the precautionary principle.

See if one can find videos of the politicians who just yesterday talked about the largest storm ever! Read the pundits who were speaking of extreme and unprecedented weather.

Now, not being recorded as of yet, think of all the people whose lives were disrupted, lost money, lives which were made just a little be more difficult, think of all these people when they hear words like: weather, unprecedented, extreme, models and all due to man’s doing. Think of what will be recorded in the minds of people when Gavin Schmidt at Columbia University NYC and head of Goddard Institute of Space Studies, is on some talking head’s show stating knowingly about dire and calamitous events are yet to come.

The precautionary principle regarding weather, climate and models as evidence, etc. has real consequences when non-knowledgable and unsophisticated average Joe/Jane hears the forecast and then sees the reality….what do you expect people to do the next time politicians tell us the sky is falling and you need to pay-up and this will hurt? We will see how many politicians are apologizing today. I don’t expect President Obama will be apologizing for leading environmentalism down the rabbit hole either.

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  1. Jan 28 2015

    Your cartoons illustrate the insanity in the closing days of “The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015:”


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