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January 24, 2015

In The Real World President Obama’s Progressive Policies Are Making Everyone Poor

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
The Progressive Left aka the Democrats like President Obama believe they know best not the American people. Progressives are so arrogant they believe their intellectual and moral superiority gives them the wisdom to rule America and transform her into a better society where everyone is equal. Equality being one of the Progressives prime dogmas. Forget the fact Progressives live in an Ivory Tower with no real world experience. Their self advancement and arrogance deludes them into believing their decisions are superior to the decisions created by millions of people competing in the free market of ideas. Free Market competition is another thing progressives abhor as the majority of times their decisions would never survive in the free market. Even with the use of government force most of their decisions fail but they pay no price for being wrong. Their swooning media makes sure of that. It is the American people that pay the highest price for Progressives bad decisions. Bad decisions that lead to the loss of freedom, security and the pursuit of happiness for all but the elite Progressives in power ruling America.

As the below YouTube Video clearly shows Progressive Policies Don’t Work In The Real World!!!
Chicago Activists Respond to SOTU: He Doesn’t Care about Our People

“In my world, on the south side and the west side of Chicago” Gresham says, “everything you (President Obama) spoke of in your speech, it doesn’t affect us. The stock market is at a record high, at 17,000. I can’t invest in the Dow Jones.”

McKinley say’s “the country is more racially divided” since President Obama took office six years ago, and the president has failed to correct it.

Watson had a message for new Republican congress, saying, “We hope that congress defunds Obamacare. We pray that congress do away with your amnesty executive order, giving and providing illegal aliens and immigrants work permits to make sure black don’t get jobs in our own community.

VIDEO** Chicago Activists Respond to SOTU: He Doesn’t Care about Our People

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