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November 9, 2014


Hiding The Decline In US Temperatures Through Massive Data Tampering

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

The elephant in the room when it comes to Alarmist Global Warming preditions is that despite the rise in CO2 there is no correlation with Global Natural Disasters which in 2013 were at their lowest point in 10 years. The exact opposite of what the IPCC experts in climate change predicted. The disasters that did occur were mitigated by technology made possible from cheap and reliable energy from coal and other forms of fossil fuel. Denying people the right to low price reliable energy from fossil fuel is a threat to national security, dooms poor to inescapable poverty and leaves the world less prepared to deal with natural disasters.

The Climate IPCC Activists preferred alternatives to fossil fuel (wind and solar) are high cost, unreliable and require the use of fossil fuel from cradle to grave so it is a lie to say they are carbon free. Moreover, Wind and Solar do not produce enough power to sustain modern society In point of fact solar and wind require the use of toxic rare earth elements that are in limited supply and are toxic to the environment. So another lie is that wind and solar are renewable sources of energy. Blowing trillions on a toxic, unreliable and fossil fuel dependent sources of energy like wind and solar is just plain nuts.

The fact is the anti poor and anti industrial Alarmist Climate Ideology is not based on sound science but rather a political phenomenon. The 18 year halt in global temperatures and 10 year low in natural disasters demands that Climate Alarmist assumptions are re-examined with use of the proper application of the scientific method. Reality trumps erroneous Climate Models and a rejection of Climate Alarmists doomsday ideology as there is no clear linkage between CO2 and global temperatures and CO2 and Natural Disasters.

Real Science

The United States Historical Climatology Network (USHCN) takes records from 1,218 stations around the US, which show the country on a century long cooling trend – as seen in the blue line below. But they alter the data to create a sharp warming trend before they release it to the public – as seen in the red line below.

ScreenHunter_4424 Nov. 08 19.59Measured : ushcn.tavg.latest.raw.tar.gz
Reported : ushcn.tavg.latest.FLs.52i.tar.gz

The animation below shows how they tamper with the data, to create a non-existent warming trend from thermometers which show a cooling trend.


The next graph shows the spectacular hockey stick of data tampering they are doing, which increase US temperatures at a rate of 3.3 degrees F per century since 1997.

ScreenHunter_4422 Nov. 08 19.55

This is bad enough, but it gets even worse.  Thirty percent of the temperatures USHCN reports, are completely fabricated, i.e. there is no underlying thermometer data at that station for that month.

ScreenHunter_4436 Nov. 08 20.29

The map below…

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  1. Nov 9 2014

    Thanks for this reminder of the widespread corruption of science.

    FEAR separated mankind from reality in 1945.

    ACCEPTANCE of reality will be required to restore sanity.

    Then the FAITH of our forefathers will be restored.

    • Nov 10 2014

      I do not like to sound like a preacher, but honest science, spirituality and religion lead to the same conclusion:

      There is a benevolent force at the core of the Sun that birthed the solar system and still maintains control of every atom, life and world in it today – a volume of space greater than the combined volumes of 10^19 Earth’s.


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