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September 21, 2014


The Peoples Climate March Is Not About Saving The Planet It Is About Power To The Elite Not The People

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

The Climate Change Movement main agenda is not saving the world from Climate Change. Their real mission  is regressing back to a world of Feudal Lords with absolute control over every aspect of the lives of Serfs under their rule. Serf hard labor provided Feudal Lords a lavish life style denied to the Serfs whose lives were short and brutal. The rise of the Middle Class corresponded with the availability of cheap and reliable power from fossil fuel which granted everyone a higher standard of living and life expectancy. Feudalism became a thing of the past wiped out by an aspiring Middle Class. A Middle Class whose vigorous endeavors to improve their lives are viewed by Climate Activists  as responsible for destroying their vision of Utopia. What bothers the Climate Activists the most is the fact the Middle Class challenge  the elites  money and power structure. That is what Karl Marx attack on the bourgeoisie (Middle Class) was all about. 

“The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations. It has pitilessly torn asunder the motley feudal ties that bound man to his ‘natural superiors,’  KARL MARX

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  1. Sep 21 2014

    For the UN’s latest climate conference opening in NYC tomorrow, may we ask WHO WON WWII & FORMED the UN?

    Would Stalin or Churchhill or Truman most likely generate the:

    1. News black-out of August 1945?
    2. False 1946 solar & nuclear models ?
    3. International governance structure to replace sovereign nations?

    George Orwell thought he knew the answer when he moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura in 1946 to start writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four!”

  2. Sep 21 2014

    You are exactly right.

    TERROR, CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in late Aug 1945, and the

    SURVIVAL INSTINCT in world leaders

    Forged an unholy (selfish) alliance of BANKERS and COMMUNISTS (the new Feudal Lords), whose first act was

    A BLACKOUT OF NEWS about these events near Konan, Korea in Aug 1945:

    _ 1. Japan exploded an atomic bomb
    _ 2. Stalin’s USSR troops:
    _ a.) Captured Japan’s A-bomb plant
    _ b.) Downed an American plane
    _ c.) Captured the plane crew
    _ d.) Retained for negotiations until

    Sept 1945. The UN was formed on 24 Oct 1945 so these new Feudal Lords could take totalitarian control of the globe.

    • Sep 21 2014

      I will post links below showing how quickly these new Feudal Lords (Bankers and Communists):

      1. “Blacked out” news coverage of the above Aug – Sept 1945 events

      2. Formed the United Nations in Oct 1945 and hid its purpose

      3. Promoted false consensus models of stars and heavy nuclei in 1946

      4. Used control of politicians and information (news, entertainment, science) to control the public,

      Exactly as George Orwell would predict in the book he started to write in 1946, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”!

      4. They create false conspiracy theories for their own purpose

    • Sep 21 2014


      5. Also create false conspiracy theories for their own purpose

    • Sep 21 2014

      The 2009 Climategate emails and the 2014 effort to prevent public debate through legal action are the result of false science models that appeared as consensus science on 1946 [1]:

      1. Stars are filled with Hydrogen
      2. Neutrons attract other neutrons

      [In fact stars make and discard Hydrogen and atomic bombs explode because neutrons repel neutrons]

      These two models prevented public knowledge of the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima [2].

      Unreported CHAOS & FEAR of nuclear annihilation after Stalin’s capture of Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea in late August 1945 [3] made it impossible for the public to know if Stalin:

      1. Emerged victorious from WWII, or
      2. An alliance of frightened leaders
      3. Established the UN on 24 Oct 1945
      for totalitarian global control [4]?

      No matter who, the survival instinct and Aston’s warning Earth might be converted into a star [5] forged an unholy alliance of selfish survivalists to take totalitarian control of science and society and rule the world by deception.

      The nuclear physicist, Galen Winston, uncovered independent evidence of exaggerated official claims about the dangers of nuclear energy after WWII [6].


      1. “Why Did You Deceive Us?” Message to the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee (Dec 2013):

      2. “Solar Energy,” Advances in Astronomy (Submitted 1 Sept 2014):

      3. Aston’s WARNING (12 Dec 1922); CHAOS and FEAR (August 1945):

      4. Did Stalin Plan To Rule The World?

      5. F. W. Aston, Nobel Lecture (1922):

      6. Galen Winson’s video, “The Nuclear Scare Scam” (2012):

      2. Aston warned Earth might be converted into a star


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