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August 28, 2014


Slavery Was The Norm In The Pre Fossil Fuel Era The Democrats Want Us To Go Back To Living In

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
During the pre fossil fuel era life was short and brutal and the main sources of energy were human and animal labor. Human slavery was the norm. In the post fossil fuel era life expectancy soared. Factories powered by fossil fuel produce our food, clothing and everything else we need, use, and want to make our lives better. Trucks, trains and large cargo ships powered by fossil fuel transport these products to our friendly neighborhood store or now (via FedEx or UPS) our very door step. Fossil fuel guzzling jets take a fraction of the time it did in the past to whisk us to far off lands or visit our families living hundreds of miles away. All of these wonders made possible by fossil fuel could come to an end however. Civilization could revert back to a pre fossil fuel era if the anti fossil fuel movement led by the Democrats prevail.
The Democrats tell you that modern civilization can run on wind, solar and other alternative sources of energy that will “save the earth” from evil polluting fossil fuel carbon (aka CO2) emissions. What they don’t tell you is that alternative sources of energy like wind and solar are fossil fuel guzzling sources of energy thus will not reduce carbon “polluting” emissions.
“Prieto is not alone in reaching such sobering conclusions. A 2013 Stanford University report, for example, calculated that global photovoltaic industry now requires more electricity to make silicon wafers and solar troughs than it actually produces in return. Since 2000 the industry consumed 75 per cent more energy than it put onto the grid and all during its manufacturing and installation process.” What is ironic is that if the Democrats were really interested in a fossil free world Nuclear power and Hydro power would provide the answer which, of-course, they are against.
The other elephant in the room is the inconsistency inherent in the Democrat’s anti-fossil fuel  ideology.  The Democrats claim to be the saviors of the poor when without cheap energy from fossil fuel civilization will revert back to human and animal labor as the main sources of energy when slavery was the norm. The bottom line is the Democrats preferred alternative to fossil fuel cannot support modern civilization. 
What is even more nutty is the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi seem to believe they can get rid of fossil fuel while at the same time providing people free health care that will allow them the opportunity to not work for a living. Pelosi regarding the benefits of Obamacare  “Think of the economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or, eh, a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance”  Earth to the Democrats if you really believe people don’t have to work for a living, can get free health care and all other sorts of free stuff from the government why are you at the same time for driving up the cost of energy to the point it is unaffordable?  Why are you supporting wind and solar that are fossil fuel dependent BIG CARBON FOOTPRINT sources of energy that use more energy than they make? Are you insane?
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  1. Sep 1 2014

    If the deception was unintentional, consensus scientists will respond to nine pages of precise experimental measurements over the past half century (2014 – 1964 = 50 years) that refute the Standard Solar Model of Hydrogen-filled stars.

    If the deception was intentional, consensus scientists will refuse to respond to the nine pages of precise experimental measurements over the past half century (2014 – 1964 = 50 years) that refute the Standard Solar Model of Hydrogen-filled stars.

  2. Sep 1 2014

    These new findings will be included in a new paper that exposes sixty-nine years of government deceit in science:

    • Sep 1 2014

      The paper was submitted for publication at ~6:30 am this morning.

      A self-selection process is thus now in process:

      1. If the 97% consensus community consists of real scientists, they will openly address all of the nine pages of precise experimental measurements that disagree with the Standard Solar Model of Hydrogen-filled stars.

      2.If the 97% consensus community consists only of phony scientists, they will refuse to address any of the nine pages of precise experimental data that disagree with the Standard Solar Model of Hydrogen-filled stars.

  3. Aug 28 2014

    Now Fortifying 68 Years of Deceit!

    To fortify the Standard Solar Model of fusion in the core of the Sun against precise, overwhelming experimental evidence the Sun’s neutron-rich pulsar core is the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of every atom. life and world in the solar system [1] – like Marduk, the one God of ancient Egypt [2]

    Scientific American reported yesterday (27 Aug 2014) [3]

    “For the first time, physicists have captured the elusive neutrinos produced by the sun’s basic proton fusion reactions.”

    The research article published today [4] addresses none of the nine pages of precise experimental data that disprove the Standard Solar Model [1] but claims to have discovered new evidence in support of Fred Hoyle’s suggestion sixty-eight years ago that

    “In the core of the Sun, energy is released through sequences of nuclear reactions that convert hydrogen into helium.”

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel


    1. “Solar energy,” Journal of Solar Energy (Submitted. 25 July 2014)

    2. “Et tu Utu? Marduk AMAR.UTU,” in The Church of Sacred Carbon

    3. “Strange Neutrinos from the Sun Detected for the First Time,” in Scientific American news report on 27 Aug 2014:

    4. Borexino Collaboration (~100 coauthors), ” Neutrinos from the primary proton-proton fusion process in the Sun,” Nature 512, 383-386 (28 Aug 2014):


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