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July 20, 2014


Quick Summary Of NCDC Data Tampering Forensics

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Time for the House and Senate to investigate government data tampering being used to shaft poor people with via “skyrocketing” fuel prices and political favors given to green crony capitalists by politicians to prop up their companies at the expense of the tax payers.

Real Science

It may not be obvious to everyone yet, but this morning’s TOBS discovery is huge.

I need to run now, but here is a quick summary of things I can prove so far about the US temperature record.

  • Until 1999 NASA said the US was on a long term cooling trend
  • Until 1989 NOAA said there was no long term warming in the US
  • Sometime after 2000, NOAA made a large downwards shift in the absolute baseline temperature. This is probably why Nick and Zeke keep insisting on the use of anomalies, as it hides the shift.
  • Temperatures are being adjusted an average of about 1.5F relative to the 1930s
  • The raw data does not support the validity of a TOBS adjustment
  • NOAA is doing something in their conversion from daily data to monthly data to create a bias which selectively cools the past – which in turn creates the appearance that TOBS…

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  1. Jul 21 2014

    Professor Judith Curry has very cleverly dragged leaders of the US Pentagon into this fray:

    Perhaps they or their Commander-in-Chief will be able and willing to answer the questions left unanswered for the past seven months by staff members of the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee.

  2. Jul 21 2014

    Regretfully, I believe that many – if not most members of the US House and Senate – have been convinced since 1945 that deception is the only way to save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation.

    This frank, unanswered message to staff members of the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee convinced me:

    WHY ? :


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