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July 17, 2014

Who is Accountable For The Millions of Civilian Casualties Dying In The War Against #Climate Change?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

So the question is given a choice do you save 7 million people or (maybe or maybe not) save 300 thousand people? Answer:  Saving 7 million lives in the developing world is not an option for the Eco Activists in the UN or Western Nations like the US as it would require that developing Nations be given access to fossil fuel. The Eco Activists prime directive you see is to divest people of their right to access to fossil fuel thereby effectively banning 2 billion people access to electricity. The resultant death of 7 million people is collateral damage in the Eco Activists War against Climate Change. But wait a second. What is the logic behind sacrificing the lives of 7 million people to save (they claim) 300 thousand people? It just doesn’t make any sense and most people would say immoral if not evil to the core. For example would these same people in the environmental movement be out protesting a Nation who went to war knowingly sacrificing the lives of 7 million in the hope they maybe could save the lives 300 thousand people?  Would anyone in their right mind call the aforementioned war a just war? Yes or No? 

So what is the logic behind killing 7 million people in order to save perhaps 300 thousand people?  Could it be the death of 7 million people of color in developing Nations meets the Eco Activists Malthusian doctrine of population control via energy resource denial? If that is the Eco Activists true aim, population control via  resource denial it has a proven track record of killing millions of people and would quench the Eco  death-eater thirst for the annihilation of those pesky humans the true believers in the environmental movement believe are responsible for destroying the planet.

The Eco Death Eaters can cover their sinister aims by claiming to be on the side of light and goodness saving the planet from climate change. Anyone who opposes them is a “denialist” or “flat-earther”.  What escapes them is that world stability only emerges from economic security not death and decline of the human race which is what the Eco Death Eaters are all about. 

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