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July 16, 2014

Voting For A Democrat Is Voting For Insane Policies Spawning Death and Decline

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
California is a microcosm for the insane policies of death and decline the Democrats spawn wherever they go.

Below are just a few examples:
Spending 85 Billion Dollars on a 19th Century (LOL) High Speed Rail There is No Demand For. NOT making the availability of Water a Top Priority during one of California’s worse droughts in history. 

Encouraging Illegal Immigration or poor and needy people from Mexico while at the same time Blocking access to California’s vast fossil fuel resources. Fossil Fuel resources that would provide good jobs for the poor and needy from Mexico as well as the legal citizens of California.

Skyrocketing the cost of energy by providing tax payer subsidies to antiquated energy sources like wind and solar. Wind and solar that are high cost; destructive to the environment and unreliable sources of energy that:
  • Lowers everyone’s standard of living especially the poor’s; 
  • Makes the cost of energy so high Mom and Pop businesses are forced to shut down and move to other States;
  • Enriches crony capitalist green corporations at the expense of the poor and Middle Class

Bankrupting the State by rewarding government unions that vote for them with high salaries and pensions.

Ruining the once great California educational system by lowering standards and making Union Teacher benefits a higher priority than the mission of providing a quality education to students.
Covering up government corruption and fraud.
Increasing the size of government bureaucracy, rules and regulations that stunt economic growth and jobs thus creating more poverty and people in need of welfare from the State.
Centralizing power in a top down hierarchy of a few powerful rich at the top with a large base of government dependent poor people at the bottom.
Increasing taxes on the Middle Class that eventually snuff out the Middle Class tax base leading to the ultimate decline and death of the State’s economic growth and ability to meet the needs of the California people.

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