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June 26, 2014


Obama’s Climate Plan: Poor Get Shafted – Nature Gets Whacked – Climate Activists Get Rich

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
President Obama uses so called self serving Climate “experts”  to claim CO2 from man made fossil fuel sources acts as a trigger to warm the planet and cause all types of Weather Catastrophes like drought, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes. Thus anyone who dares to challenge these so called “experts” are smeared as “deniers” . Just ignore the inconvenient truth the historical record and current data contradicts the scare mongering claims made by President Obama’s “experts” and just blindly believe whatever the Wizard of Oz says behind the curtain. 

So how do President Obama’s “experts” explain how CO2 from man made fossil fuel sources acts as a trigger for runaway warming in their doom and gloom Climate Change scenarios given the facts:

— Empirical Climate Data contradicts President Obama’s doom and gloom Climate Change Scenarios. 

       Global temperatures have not risen as predicted by the Climate “expert” models

       Weather was more severe in the past

       Global Temperature were warmer in the past 

— Man’s contribution of atmospheric CO2 is 3% of the 379 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. About 11.4 parts per million or .00114% of the atmosphere.

—CO2 absorbs heat only on the 15 Um wavelength and saturates quickly then dumps the remainder. 

— CO2 is not a potent greenhouse gas compared to Water Vapor and Methane which both are much more effective at trapping heat.

So why is President Obama picking on Atmospheric CO2 when Water Vapor and Methane are much more potent greenhouse gases and the empirical data contradicts his “experts” doom and gloom climate scenarios?


— Governments can’t tax Water Vapor or Methane. 

—Wall Street tycoons can’t make money trading Water Vapor and Methane

—Green solar, wind and biofuel crony capitalists won’t get billions of dollars of tax payer money to build their nature and wildlife death traps. 

— Climate Activists like Greenpeace can’t make money fundraising by claiming they are “saving the planet”

— Academia can’t get government grants claiming they are studying the effects of Man Made Climate Chang to help “save the planet.

— The UN can’t justify spending billions flying around the world on gas guzzling jets to Climate Conferences on how to “save the world” from man made Climate Change.
By the way, you do know that all life on earth exists thanks to CO2 and studies have shown that higher levels of CO2 are better for a green earth and a warmer planet fosters human civilization? So until President Obama and his green terminators find a way of making money off of water vapor expect the scare mongering to continue. In the meantime it is the poor that get shafted via fuel poverty from “skyrocketing” fuel prices and nature gets whacked via wind, solar and biofuel death traps. 

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  1. Jun 27 2014

    Thank you, Orach, for identifying the social consequences of climate fraud correctly. Can you now endorse this PEACEFUL CONCLUSION ?

    1. Extend “an olive branch:” Forgiveness follows full disclosure.

    [“Olive branch, not a white flag!]

    2. Help reporters find details on the CHAOS in late August 1945 that released atomic bomb plans from government control for fifty-seven years (1945-2002):

    3. Check validity of new disclosures against the few scant earlier reports:

    4. Skeptics and government scientists can then work together to restore integrity to government science and constitutional limits on government.

  2. Jun 26 2014

    It is no mere coincidence that Obama in 2014 is using the same techniques Stalin perfected in bringing totalitarian control of the public in the old USSR.

    Unreported CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in late August 1945 convinced other world leaders to adopt Stalin’s techniques to “save themselves and the world from destruction” by sacrificing the rights of citizens to self governance.


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