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April 29, 2014


Piiketty’s Theory Disproven By Reality – The More Power & Money Concentrated In The Hands Of Government – The More Income Inequality

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Piketty omits dictators in third world Nations like North Korea and Cuba and past dictators like Stalin, Mao, and Poi Pot as not fitting into the scope of the analysis he uses to build his economic theory.  A  theory of the sources of  income inequality. In a nutshell Piketty theorizes that the major source of income inequality is the concentration of wealth and income by a few people in the private sector. His analysis is limited to 20 Nations in the Western world. In the Western world where income and wealth are relatively high when compared to the rest of the world (which he has excluded from his analysis). Thus the scope of his analysis is very narrow.  So narrow it calls into question the whole legitimacy of his theory.    However, even Nations that closely fit Piketty’s ideal economic model prove his theory to be a failure.  For example, Germany.

Germany closely fits Piketty’s ideal economic model of:  high taxes on income and wealth and a powerful centralized government with tight control over Germany’s industrial, labor, financial, health care, social welfare programs and energy resources. Germany’s tight  control of energy  resources has facilitated the German government  into being conned  (to be charitable) into investing billions of tax payer money into failed green energy projects that have led to:

— power blackouts; 

–300,000 people who got their electricity cut off due to the fact they could not afford the high cost of green energy; 

— industry and jobs leaving Germany due to the high cost of green energy;

— thousands of birds and bats slaughtered by the blades of wind turbines; 

—  and land once used to grow crops and reserved for natural habitats consumed by massive land devouring wind and solar           plants. 

To add insult to injury Germany’s CO2 level went up which is the exact opposite of what the German government used to justify their massive waste of tax dollars in green energy. Why? because surprise surprise wind and solar are weather dependent thus intermittent sources of energy that don’t work on a cloudy day or when the Wind doesn’t blow just right. So what to do? In the German governments great wisdom they shut down their nuclear power plants thus to meet the demand for electricity they were forced to going back to the use of coal. Brown coal which is the dirtiest form of coal. So not only did Germany’s environment get worse, jobs were lost, income went down and 300 thousand people got their electricity cut off.

Angela Merkel’s Vice Chancellor Stuns, Declares Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ To Be On ‘The Verge Of Failure’!

The green energy orgy in Germany is over. The music has stopped and the wine that once flowed freely has long run out. The green energy whores and pimps can go home.

In a stunning admission by Germany’s Economics Minister and Vice Chancellor to Angela Merkel, Sigmar Gabriel announced in a recent speech that the country’s once highly ballyhooed transformation to renewable energy, the so called Energiewende, a model that has been adopted by a number of countries worldwide, is “on the verge of failure“.

– See more at:

In the real world, Piketty’s  theory that wealth and money concentrated in the cold hands an all powerful government (not left in the private sector) will lead to more prosperity has proven to be a failure every time it is tried. A failure inevitably devolving into less prosperity, lower income,  more poor people and  misery for all but the elite in government.  
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  1. Apr 29 2014

    More evidence of government deception is being revealed here:

  2. Apr 29 2014

    Thanks for this information. I posted the following on P. Gosselin’s blog:

    This open message to the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee (The US National Academy of Sciences and the UK Royal Society copied) . . .

    is my attempt to determine if the Climategate emails that surfaced in November 2009 are only the tip of a deep, dark iceberg of deceit that grew out-of-sight in lush funds of research agencies for sixty-nine years (2014 – 1945 = 69 yrs), as

    1. Rumored on some blogs [1], and
    2. Implied by following instructions of the scientist [2] that
    3. Took possession of Japan’s atomic secrets in 1945 [3]

    If the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee replies, I plan to post their reply here.

    If the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee does not reply, and the US National Academy of Sciences and the UK Royal Society still refuse to addressnine pages of precise experimental data [4] (pages 19-27) that refute (falsify/negate):

    1. The Standard Solar Model
    2. The Standard Nuclear Model
    3. The Standard Climate Model

    Then, the current level of deceit is unsustainable: It will crash !

    However, the powerful Force that created and sustains every atom, life and world in the solar system today is the same one that destroyed Hiroshima [4].

    When the current corrupt system collapses, it may be helpful to remember that the “FORCE“ that made and sustains every atom, life and world in the solar system is also all powerful and benevolent.

    There will be nothing to fear, but fear itself !


    1. How Deep, How Evil, How Extensive?
    2. Atomic plans returned to Japan (3 Aug 2002)
    4. “A Journey to the Core of the Sun – Chapter 2: Acceptance of Reality“


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