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April 17, 2014

The Years Of Living Stupidly – Chapter II – The Deforestation of Mother Earth To “Save the Earth” From Climate Change

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
President Obama says the time to act is now to “save the earth” from the IPCC Climate Activists predictions of Imminent Catastrophic Climate Change. Imminent predictions of Catastrophic Climate Change (which people are ignoring now) because all of the IPCC’s doom and gloom Climate predictions that they have been trotting out every time they issue a new report have never come about.

Given the bad track record of the IPCC foretelling of Climate doom and gloom you would think President Obama would take second look at the wisdom of pursuing more costly and worthless Climate Mitigation Policies. Policies that in the here and now demonstrate that what Earth really needs is to be saved from President Obama’s and the IPCC’s Climate Change Mitigation policies. 

Take for example biofuel or biomass renewable energy sources that President Obama is so fond of. Rain Forests, industrial logging on massive scale and thousands of acres of farmland once used to grow food crops are being sacrificed to produce the biofuel and biomass that President Obama’s and the IPCC’s Climate Mitigation policies demand. Obama uses Sweden as an example to the world of the “success” of Climate Mitigation due to the fact Sweden’s energy is now 50% from renewable sources a large portion of which comes from biomass.

Biomass produced by the clearing of Rain Forests in Brazil and Industrial Logging on a massive scale in Sweden. 
Renewable Energy from the clearing of Rain Forests in Brazil:
“Sweden also imports large quantities of ethanol, mainly from Brazil. However, a broad section of the Swedish public now perceive the ethanol industry as a direct contributor to hunger and the destruction of rain forests.”     According to Sweden the biofuel they get from from Brazil is all from “sustainable” sources but the truth remains that to get the biofuel Sweden uses for renewable energy the land once covered by Rain Forests had to be cleared and replanted with biofuel crops like Palm Oil trees. According to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil’s Amazon region lost 111,087 sq km of forest cover between 2004 and 2012, including 44,361 sq km in Pará.”

Industrial Logging in Sweden:
Another source of Sweden’s renewable energy from biomass comes from industrial logging.
“We just have to get past industrial logging for the mass global markets. It is wiping out standing forests (the lungs of he planet) at an alarming rate. What are the alternatives? Use more salvaged wood? Replace wood with other materials? Build less and reorganize and reuse existing spaces?” 

Posted by Trevor Burrowes on 01 Dec 2011

“Check the depth of those tracks. Remember that Sweden’s forests are largely taiga and so these things become water filled ponds which are not going to revert to forest floor that welcome seedling trees any time soon, and there’s no program that forestry companies use to remediate them. I saw tracks like this everywhere I went.”

The EPA uses the “social cost” of fossil fuel as a justification for shutting down the US Coal industry. However the EPA fails to factor in the “social cost” to the lives of people and to natural habitats of deforestation of vast tracts of tropical forests and farm land (once used to grow food crops) that have been cleared to produce the renewable energy from biofuel used to replace fossil fuel with.


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