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March 31, 2014


An attorney asks: Are Climate Skeptics Legally Liable for Criminal Negligence?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Catastrophic Climate Change Believers or Warmists have put humanity on trial for the crime of destroying the earth via their use of fossil fuel and found humanity guilty. Humanity’s sentence is rolling back the Industrial Age and reverting back to the Dark Ages when life was short and brutal. The reason the Warmists are now using threats of legal liability for opposing their views that humanity are evil pests who deserve to be punished for the sin of destroying the earth; is that if their misanthropic beliefs were put on trial they are the ones who would likely be held criminally liable for all the pain and suffering to humanity and to Nature their beliefs have already been responsible for. Perhaps this is why Warmists are ramping up a Climate Of Fear to attack anyone who dares to expose the basic foundation of their beliefs is fear and loathing of humanity.. As the so called “science” of Climate Change crumbles via exposure by so called “Deniers” the Warmists defense is to intimidate the “Deniers” into silence before the whole house of Climate Change cards collapses and their true agenda is exposed.
The IPCC and EPA Should be investigated for Green Climate Crimes:
IPCC Climate Report has led to EPA regulations that are All Pain For No Gain:
The IPCC and EPA Facilitates the Rich Getting Richer for example in the US
While the Poor Get Shafted with “skyrocketing” fuel costs they cannot afford to pay for that condemns the poor to a life time of poverty.
IPCC Climate Report lead to EPA regulations that:
Destroy Nature with Bird and Bat killing Wind Turbines/Solar
and Biofuel crops that
Destroys vast areas of natural habitats and
Land that grows food crops for people
Produces a fraction of the energy fossil fuel does at very high costs that hurt the poor the most
Are weather dependent and do not work in severe weather.
The IPCC and EPA Use politics (not science) to form their reports when the empirical data contradicts their doom and gloom findings:
How the Global Warming Scare Began

Watts Up With That?

Attorney arguing his case

Guest essay by Roger E. Sowell, Esq. reposted with permission from Sowell’s Law Blog

In the past month, several articles appeared calling for the jailing of those who provide financial support for research into climate science with an objective of proving that man-made climate change does not exist.  An overview is provided at WattsUpWithThat (see link).  Responses to the call for jailing are numerous.

The background on this is that three sides exist in the climate change argument: one, the warmists, those who fervently believe that man’s activities by
burning fossil fuels will drive up the Earth’s temperature and cause all manner of horrible happenings; two, the skeptics, those who understand that the science simply does not support the warmists’ view, that any increase in global temperature is related to natural cycles but not to man’s fossil fuel consumption; and three, lukewarmers, those whose…

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  1. Mar 31 2014

    This attorney might better study the children’s story of Humpty Dumpty, . . . . . now that the truth is out,

    “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men” (including pseudo-scientists with Nobel Prizes) “couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

    We do not yet know who started all of the falsehoods that were disguised as consensus science after 1945, but nine pages of precise experimental data on pages 19-27 of my biography show without doubt that

    1. Neutrons repel other neutrons
    2. Stars make and discard hydrogen
    3. The Sun itself
    _ a.) Made our elements
    _ b.) Birthed the Solar System 5 Ga ago
    _ c.) Sustained life’s origin and evolution on Earth after 3.5 Ga ago
    _ d.) Still maintains dominant control of every atom, life and world in the Solar System.

    The pre-1946 flag of Japan illustrated the solar force fields that sustain and control the entire solar system.


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