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March 25, 2014


Geologic Record Shows Sun (Not CO2) Drives Climate Change – Models Meaningless

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Below is an excerpt from Chapter One of  Don J. Easterbrook book

Don J. Easterbrook

Department of Geology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA

“Predictions based on past warming and cooling cycles over the past 500 years

accurately predicted the end of the 19771998 warm period and the 
establishment of cool Pacific sea surface temperatures. Past patterns strongly suggest
that the next several decades will be cooler, not warmer.

Considering the positive correlations between solar activity and global
climate change, what if the cause of global warming is solar, rather than
atmospheric CO2? Then all of the computer models are meaningless, and we
can look to past natural climatic cycles as a basis for predicting future climate
changes. The climatic fluctuations over the past few hundred years suggest ~30-
year climatic cycles of global warming and cooling, on a general rising trend
from the Little Ice Age cool period. The PDO over the past century (Fig. 58)”
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  1. Mar 26 2014

    Global Geo-Engineering?

    Sounds far-fetched, but global geo-engineering fits my very limited understanding of history:

    1. Stalin’s troops captured Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea on 24 Aug 1945.

    2. FEAR of nuclear annihilation led world leaders to form the UN on 24 Oct 1945.

    3. Knowing that global control depends on control of space, USSR launched Sputnik on Oct 4, 1957.

    4. John Kennedy announced the Apollo program on May 25, 1961.

    5. John Kennedy was assassinated on Nov 22, 1963.

    6. Robert Kennedy was assassinated on June 6, 1968.

    7. Henry Kissinger made secret trip to China and agreed to end the Apollo program in 1971.

    8. Richard Nixon announced end of the Apollo program on Jan 5, 1972:

    9. At the Third Lunar Science Conf. in March 1972, we were told Nixon was ending the Apollo program. That the US Nixon and the USSR’s Brezhnev would orbit the Earth together and sign an international peace treaty.

    That rumor never happened, but it was told to as the reason for ending the Apollo program.

  2. Mar 25 2014

    Thank you for posting this information. I congratulate Don Esterbrook for having the courage to publicly speak out about the historic record of cyclic climate changes.

    In a recent debate at the University of Alabama – Huntsville between John Christy and Kerry Emanuel, Dr. Christy noted that the climate debate “. . . is a moral question, not a scientific question. . . . Today and for the foreseeable future, the reliable energy that enhances human life and which is economically viable comes from burning carbon.”

    That moral issue leaves us with three options:

    1. Reduce the quality of human life
    2. Reduce the number of humans, or
    3. Find another reliable energy source

    of which, the only viable option is #3:

    Therefore, government scientists have a moral obligation to:

    4. Admit neutron repulsion is the source of energy, or
    5. Address in public precise data [A] that suggest it is.

    A. “A journey to the Core of the Sun: Accepting reality


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