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March 15, 2014



by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Earth to Bill Gates, President Obama, Tom Steyer, Senator Whitehouse and all other true believers in the false prophets of CO2 Catastrophic Climate Change

Scientific Evidence Shows Sun/Oceans are the Primary Climate Drivers Is ‘Massive, Overwhelming’!  No need to waste billions on useless efforts to mitigate CO2 emissions that are counter productive as CO2 is essential to life; grows plants and unleashing US vast fossil fuel resources on public land would create millions of jobs and secure energy independence. 

 “Lüning then says it’s pretty clear that the global climate of the last 1000 years has been primarily driven by solar activity and ocean cycles and that “the body of evidence supporting this is massive and overwhelming”. 

Dr Norman Page 

“Dr Luning is right to suggest that the past is the key to the present.
There has been no net warming for 16 years and the earth entered a cooling
trend in about 2003 which will last for another 20 years and perhaps for hundreds of years beyond that.
The current weather patterns in the UK and USA are typical of those developed by the more meridional path of the jet stream on a cooling earth. The Fagan book “The Little Ice Age ” is a useful guide from the past to the future. The frequency of these weather patterns, e.g. for the USA the PDO related drought in California and the Polar Vortex excursions to the South will increase as cooling continues. 

The views of the establishment scientists in the USA,Germay and the UK Met office’s publicity in this matter reveals their continued refusal to recognize and admit the total failure of the climate models in the face of the empirical data of the last 15 years. It is time for the climate community to move to another approach based on pattern recognition in the temperature and driver data and also on the recognition of the different frequencies of different regional weather patterns on a cooling ( more meridional jet stream ) and warming (more latitudinal jet stream ) world.
For forecasts of the coming cooling based on the 60 year (PDO) and the 1000 year quasi-periodicities seen in the temperature data and the neutron count as a proxy for solar activity in general 

see several posts at. 

For a review of a 3 year update of a 30 year forecast see. 

For an estimate of future NH temperature trends see the latest post at. 

I hope Dr Luning has the time to compare the forecasts in the links given here with his own estimates in time for his presentation –

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  1. Mar 15 2014

    Thanks for the message from Dr. Luening. Climategate helped us see how FEAR of nuclear annihilation drove frightened world leaders to deceive and take totalitarian control of mankind in 1945.

    As noted today on ResearchGate, we also now know that the universe now expands for the same reason –

    1. The Sun exploded and birthed the Solar System five billion years (5 Ga) ago;

    2. Cores of U atoms exploded over Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945; and

    3. Cores of Pu atoms exploded over Nagasaki on 9 Aug 1945:


    Survival of the human species was threatened by two FALSEHOODS inserted into textbooks of astronomy and nuclear physics after 1945, without discussion or debate:

    1. Cores of ordinary stars are NEUTRONS, not hydrogen.

    2. Aston’s “nuclear packing fraction” correctly indicates NUCLEAR STABILITY; Weizsacker’s “average nuclear binding energy” does NOT tell NUCLEAR STABILITY.

    A Journey to the Core of the Sun Chapter 2: Acceptance of Reality


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