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March 8, 2014


Regulating CO2 Will Do Nothing To Warm Or Cool The Planet It Will Only Destroy Jobs and Create More Poverty

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
The “historic fact is: “there has been TEN TIMES HIGHER CO2 than today! ... ” when the planet was both warmer and cooler than today. “That means managing CO2 will do NOTHING to warm or cool the planet.” 

The US has vast fossil fuel reserves on Federal Land that, if developed, would make the US energy independent, spur the economy and create millions of jobs. Given the fact the historical record completely negates the CO2 Catastrophic Climate Change Theory and the drums of war beating around the world it borders on insanity not to go forward with developing these vast untapped resources on Federal Land.

Moreover, so called renewable energy is destructive to our environment 


and high cost which harms the poor the most.

So given all of the above reasons to go forward with fossil fuel development why are green activists so dead set against doing what should be a no brainer and in America’s and the Worlds best self interests? Why do Green Activists and the Democratic Party want energy costs to “skyrocket” that will hurt the pocket book of the poor and middle class the most? The very people the Democrats claim to be on the side of? Is it mainly about white rich elitists like Tom Styer (a big Democrat contributor), Tim Cook and other Hollywood elites like Jared Leto who are against “uppity” peasants who want a better life?

Statism + Elitism = Neo-Feudalism aka the Current Democratic Party

Sad to say the answer seems pretty obvious. Green elitists altruism is predicated on suffering as a permanent mode of existence for the bulk of humanity.  It is part of the DNA of all the fake saints and so called saviors of the earth in the green movement and Democratic Party. Their purpose of being appears to be creating more suffering for humanity. Their self righteousness and delusional vision that they are “saving the planet from climate change” justifies the creation of more poverty and misery they create by denying the poor and the Middle Class access to cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel.  Standing in the way of the development of America’s vast natural fossil fuel resources and wasting trillions of dollars in a futile effort to “regulate” the climate are good examples of this. All Pain For No Gain Except the Poor get Shafted so the elitists in power in the Green Movement and the Democratic can feel good about themselves while laughing all the way to the bank. The Green Corruption Files:
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  1. Mar 8 2014

    We are witnessing the effectiveness of propaganda.

    Twenty-eight (28) Democratic senators plan to stay up all night talking about climate change on Monday night.

    If Missouri’s Senator Claire McCaskill is on the list I will send her something to talk about:


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