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March 6, 2014


What Motivates Green Activists Most? Money – Fear and Loathing Of Humanity – Delusional Dreams Of An Eco Utopia?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Why do Christiana Figueres, Tim Cook, Tom Steyer, the Sierra Club, and Senator Whitehouse and the rest of Green activists support dumping billions of dollars down the toilet in a futile effort to regulate the Climate? 

Do they have any empirical data to support the CO2 climate change theory? 
If they cite extreme weather the historical records show extreme weather was more severe in the past than it is today.

 Do they  have any evidence that the billions of dollars will in any way mitigate climate change? 

 Choose the following as a potential answer to above questions:

 A. They are  in it for the money 

 B. They are insane 

 C. They are green eco Fascist who believes the world would be better off with fewer people so the 1% elite can live in an eco Utopia. 

D. All of the Above

 Only 0.3% of climate scientists believe human CO2 emissions from fossil fuel are the primary culprit behind Climate Change.
Not only that Climate Change Theory has been proven false by reality. Co2 has gone up but temperature have remained flat for 17+ years

But to add insult to injury, climate change mitigation efforts are all pain for no gain. Billions of dollars have been dumped down the toilet in a futile effort to regulate the climate. The only thing climate change mitigation efforts have accomplished is to destroy Nature, Enriched the elite crony green capitalists, and Impoverish poor people. 

 Green Climate Crimes: 

All Pain For No Gain:

Rich Get Richer 

Poor Get Shafted 

 Gaia Weeps 

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  1. Mar 7 2014

    I strongly suspect that they, like other addicts:

    1. Do not know how to live as part of the stream of life;

    2. Have an inflated and unrealistic opinion of their control of life;

    3. Do not realize they are acting as a sophisticated computer that does not know it can do nothing without being “plugged into the electrical outlet.”

    This conclusion is based on personal experience as an addict for decades that finally found a path to recovery in the 12 step program.

    Instead of condemning their addiction to the illusion of power, we can each be grateful that, “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”


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