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February 5, 2014


Barrack Obama – The B.S. Commander-In-Chief

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
***President Obama may be the first President in history to successfully use 1984 “doublethink” to fool the American people into believing the contradiction that his Bad Policies Are Good For The American People. Bad Policies that: 
— Destroy Your Health Care; 
— Destroy Your Jobs
— Destroy the US Fossil Fuel Industry Who Provide Cheap & Reliable Energy To You;
— Reward Failed Green Energy Firms With Tax Payer Dollars Who Provide High Cost & Unreliable Energy ; 
— Lower Your Income; 
— Create More Poverty. 
Obamacare is probably the best example of the “doublethink” aka B.S. President Obama uses to sell his bad policies to the American people. Obamacare was to be President Obama’s most remembered legacy that best epitomized his campaign mantra of “Hope and Change”. The problem is President Obama sold Obamacare to the American people by spouting a bunch of B.S. aka DoubleThink. B.S. that has now blown up in his face. What is unbelievable is that President Obama and his slavish media believe they can salvage Obamacare by spouting even more B.S. .
For example the CBO Obamacare Jobs Report is just another exercise in the B.S Obama and the media are trying to sell to the American people. The CBO is trying to shovel the B.S. that 2.3 million people are voluntarily going to part-time work in order to keep their #obamacare subsidies. Ah yes, people will voluntarily lose $20K in annual income to get a $2K Obamacare subsidy. In one of Obama’s Google Hangout Sessions the B.S. was exposed 

“During a Google Hangout session on Friday, fry cook Darnell Summers told President Obama that his hours were cut due to the Affordable Care Act. “We were broken down to part time to avoid paying health insurance,” he said. Summers explained that he makes $7.25 an hour and has been on strike four times seeking a wage increase. “We can’t survive, it’s not livin’,” he said.”

1984 may be the blueprint President Obama is using to sell his Bad is Good policies to the American people but now his Presidency is looking more and more like the movie “Idiocracy

***1984 is a famous dystopia novel about an authoritarian government that uses “DoubleThink” to sell the contradiction Bad Is Good to the masses.
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  1. Feb 5 2014

    I agree with your analysis and your conclusions. But it will be a “hard sale” to convince a freezing person they are dying from heat !

    We in Missouri continue to suffer ice storms, bitter cold, and loss of faith in our government’s AGW fable.

    Yet not a single member of the consensus science community has challenged the data in Figures 1-3 (pages 17-29 of Chapter 2 of my autobiography) or the conclusion that the Sun’s core is a pulsar remnant from the birth of the solar system.

    Is not the United States National Academy of Sciences like “a generation of vipers”, a private, self-perpetuating organization that reviews the budgets of federal agencies for Congress and thus guides their research, with little or no limit on conflict of interest?

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    PS: Here is the start of my journey to the core of the Sun in 1960,


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