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February 2, 2014


President Obama Believes We Must Destroy The Environment In Order To Save It

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
CO2 has risen but temperatures have remained flat for 16+ years ergo President Obama’s theory that human CO2 emissions from fossil fuel is the culprit responsible for  catastrophic climate change has been proven false by reality. 

“When climate change theory does not agree with reality reality is not what’s false”. Obama should read Friz Varhenholt’s book “The Neglected Sun” who like Obama used to be a true believer in Catastrophic Climate Change Theory until he looked at the data and found it to be with little if any merit.

President Obama’s belief that government can regulate the Climate by regulating human CO2 emissions from fossil fuel is “Sheer Absurdity” Moreover, so called green energy is more harmful to the environment than fossil fuel. 

Wind turbines and solar require rare earth elements to produce which need to be mined for is devastating to the environment in China where it is being produced.

The blades of wind turbines are killing thousands of eagles, birds and bats and is harmful to the health of humans who live near by.

The planting of Biofuel crops are destroying virgin forests where rare birds and other animals are being killed off to make way for them. See Climate Crimes. 

The bottom line is renewables provide a fraction of the energy fossil fuel does, are unreliable and intermittent thus require a fossil fuel back up to exist, are high cost which hurts the poor the most and to add insult to injury are more harmful to the environment than fossil fuel is. 

Obama should learn from the experience of Germany who after wasting billions of dollars on renewables is being forced into going back to coal to meet their energy needs. Climate Change Is Not The Problem – Fuel Poverty Is Higher Fuel Costs = More Poor People = More Children Dying 

Coal provides 46% of the US energy needs. Renewable provide a mere 4% of US energy needs. So President Obama must be living in a fantasy land if he  believes Renewables can replace Coal as an viable energy source for the US. 

So why does President Obama and Warmists want to replace coal with renewables you ask? Climate Change Mitigation??? Germany tried to use solar and wind and was forced to go back to coal because surprise surprise Wind and Solar can’t cut it and was so expensive poor people could not afford to heat their homes and were literally dying from exposure. Warmists know this and they still want to send industrial civilization back to the dark ages before coal power when life was short and brutal.

Follow the money and you will see the light. President Obama has spent billions of tax payer dollars on solar and wind businesses like Solyndra that have failed. 

Deal with it, President Obama and the Democrats care more about the interests of  rich Crony Green capitalists; elite Warmists in Hollywood and Green Warmists like Steyer more than they do the interests of the poor. Democrats and President Obama claim to be on the side of the poor but preach destroying jobs and sky rocketing the poor’s energy costs to “save the planet” from climate change so rich Warmists get richer while the poor get the shaft.

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  1. Feb 3 2014

    I share your concerns for people, and personally documented the falsehoods disguised as “settled science” at the base of these absurd policies in

    “A Journey to the Core of the Sun”

    Chapter 1 – Coincidence:
    Chapter 2 – Acceptance:

    Leaders of the scientific community refuse to address three figures of precise experimental data that falsify standard models of modern nuclear and solar physics (pages 19-27 of Chapter 2).

    To ease the fear and desperation that now grips society, Chapter 3 will contrast the absolute assurance of Nobel Laureates Einstein, Planck and Aston with fear-based policies of post-1945 consensus science.


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