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January 28, 2014


Freezing Temperatures In US More Likely Due To Quiet Sun – Not Global Warming As President Obama Claims

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
If President Obama blames the current cold winter blasts in the US on CO2 Climate Change Theory in his State of The Union Address he is ignoring past history. A past history of similar patterns of cold weather back in the 1970’s when Arctic Sea Ice was a lot thicker than today. Back in the 1970s Climate Scientists were predicting another Ice Age based in part on thicker ice in the Arctic. 


Newsweek – April 28, 1974

Whereas today Climate Scientists (and President Obama) are claiming that Global Warming (not Global Cooling) is responsible for the cold weather the US is experiencing. The theory is that Global Warming causes less Arctic ice which in turn causes the jet stream to ridge in the Arctic and trough in the lower latitudes which circulates in the meridional atmosphere thus causing the cold out breaks in the US. Get it? This is  pure hog wash in my opinion.

Back in the 1970s there were record amounts of Arctic Sea Ice yet the aforementioned jet stream scenario played out in a similar pattern back then with the same cold temperature patterns as today. Ergo there is no correlation with less or thicker Arctic Ice and cold Jet Stream bursts responsible for freezing weather in the US. 

In Summary: Back in the 1970s Arctic Sea Ice was a lot thicker than it is today.  In fact in 1975 : NCAR and CRU Called Global Cooling The “New Norm” And Blamed Climate Disasters On It based on EXPANDING sea ice in the Arctic!!! So now it just does not make any sense to blame cold weather today on global warming due to thinner ice (not thicker ice like back in the 1970s) unless you twist yourself into a pretzel. 

The real reason for the cold streak is most probably the quiet Sun as documented in numerous scientific studies including The Neglected Sun: How the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe [Paperback] 

Fritz Vahrenholt Sebastian Luning Pierre Gosselin


However, once again President Obama is using song and dance hot air  (or lies in my opinion), as justification for imposing his lame brain ideas like Obamacare and now Climate Mitigation on the people of United States in a futile attempt to “save the climate” from those pesky humans. This is just plain wrong. Climate Change Is Not The Problem – Fuel Poverty Is. Higher Fuel Prices = More Poor People = More Children Dying. 

If President Obama is sincere about alleviating income inequality and creating more jobs he would stop his war on the US fossil fuel industry. Instead, President Obama would do all in his power to create real wealth for all people living in the United States. Real wealth for all by opening up Federal Land to Fossil Fuel exploration and development. Opening up Federal Land to Fossil Fuel development would create millions of high paying jobs, raise millions of people up from poverty and to add icing to the cake help pay down our 17 Trillion dollar debt. That should be a no brainer if President Obama was being honest about his goal of creating more jobs and alleviating income inequality. Yes or No?


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  1. Jan 28 2014

    Leaders of the Western scientific community have destroyed their own credibility by pushing the United Nations’ deeply flawed AGW agenda.

    Highly-respected federal agencies like NASA, DOE, and the Science Advisor to the President are now regarded with suspicion.

    My research career (1960-2014) indicates suspicion is well-deserved; The Climategate fiasco may end long-standing abuses and ultimately benefit the scientific community and society.

    1960 Start:
    2014 Conclude:


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