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January 18, 2014


The Breath Taking Incompetence Of The Obama Administration The Media Is Not Reporting

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
The 09/11/12 Benghazi Terrorist Attack News Blackout

In testimony before Congress top Military Commanders admitted that the reason the US Military did not respond to the cries for help from American’s under terrorist attack in Benghazi is because they were “unprepared” to send help in time to save the four who died there. It is now known that President Obama was informed within minutes of the attack by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that the Benghazi attack was terrorist in origin. Despite this knowledge the Obama Administration blamed the attack on an anti Muslim You Tube video and for weeks stuck to this fictional story and the Media bought into it hook line and sinker.
That was over a year ago and now with these new revelations of outright lies and incompetence of the Obama Administration associated with the Benghazi terrorist attack the Media is still carrying water for the Obama. Carrying water by blacking out any coverage of the aforementioned block buster news. In any other Administration the media would be screaming for the President to be held accountable for gross incompetence and the blatant coverup associated with the Benghazi terrorist attack. The Media would be livid that despite prior warnings of an imminent terrorist attack in Benghazi the Military did not have the resources at ready to give aide to the Americans under attack in Benghazi on 09/11/12. Not only that it is now confirmed that President Obama knew within minutes of the attack it was a terrorist attack and that he and his Administration knowingly misled the Media into believing it was a spontaneous attack incited by an anti-Muslim You Tube Video.
The Obamacare Disaster News Blackout
All of the promises President Obama made regarding Obamacare have been broken and to add insult to injury the Obamacare Health System can’t even account for who has enrolled in Obamacare and if they have paid their premiums or not. More people are without insurance now than before Obamacare; The Young are Not Signing Up; Premiums have skyrocketed; Insurance Coverage limits people’s choice of Doctors and Health Care Providers; The Obama Administration is misleading the public on the number of enrollees (some estimates say a mere 365,000 people have enrolled???); There is talk of a bailout of Insurance Companies by the Tax Payers because the expected revenue from enrollee premium payments are well below the costs to provide care. Than there’s the fact ObamaCare is placing an undue burden on businesses who are converting their full-time workers to part-time in order to avoid the crippling taxes associated with the Obamacare law.
So why is the Media like ABC, NBC, CBS, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times not doing any reporting on the long list of disasters, lies and outright incompetence associated with Obamacare? FoxNews, the blogs and Conservative Talk Radio are the only media outlets exposing the stories surrounding the Obamacare disaster. Once again, if this was any other Administration the Media would be covering the Obamacare disaster stories day and night. The media would be hounding President Obama to stop the lies about the Obamacare and take steps to fix it or repeal it before more lives are in peril due to inadequate or no health care.
The Dismal Economy News Blackout
Under President Obama’s leadership there are more poor in America now than since the Great Depression. The real unemployment rate is 13.1%. Under Obama the gap between poor and rich is growing, welfare is at an all time high and Food Stamp enrollment has surged to Forty-Eight Million People. Obama’s policies of regulation, tax the rich and anti US industries like coal and oil are anti-growth not pro growth. North Dakota has led the way in creating thousands of high paying jobs via their Shale Oil Boom on private land. President Obama with a stroke of a pen could follow North Dakota’s lead and spur the same economic boom in the U.S. by opening up Federal Land to Fossil Fuel Development.  The fact President Obama refuses to do anything of substance (like opening up Federal Land to fossil fuel development) clearly demonstrates that his latest mission to bring about income equality are all words if not just plain more lies.
Yet despite all of the dismal economic news the media persists in painting a happy picture of the economy. Again, why? Why is the media so loyal to Obama? So loyal that the plight of the poor is no longer a priority for the so called Liberals in the Media. CYAing for Obama is more important to the Media than standing up for the plight of poor the Liberal Media claims to be champions of.
In conclusion, it is not even explainable much less excusable why the Media persists in covering up the breath taking incompetence exhibited by President Obama and his Administration. The only explanation appears to be the Media’s blatant idol worship for President Obama. When reality does not agree with the Media’s image of their idol Obama, the Media turns a blind eye and the public they serve are the ones who get the shaft.
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  1. Jan 19 2014

    Obama is a very competent puppet.

    Many recognize the damage he is doing to constitutional government, but normal ” checks and balances” have been unable to stop him.

    Unfortunately for the public, the same puppeteer controls the news media (ABC, CBS, PBS, BBC, NBC), the research journals (Nature, Science, Cell, PNAS, PRS, etc.) and the scientific establishment (US NAS, UK’s RS, UN’s IPPC, DOE, NSF, NASA, EPA, NOAA, NAS of Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc .)

    I do not know how this will end, but I am absolutely certain the ending will confirm an ancient spiritual teaching:

    “Truth is victorious, never untruth !”

    • Jan 19 2014

      I only wish my research mentor, the late Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda, were alive to witness confirmation of the common truths of science and spirituality.


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