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December 13, 2013

Democrat Rubes – Hoping For Utopia – Getting Hades

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
 The Democrats claim their goal is to create a better world for all when the truth is their policies are doing the exact opposite. Peoples lives are getting worse under Democrat rule not better. The only people getting richer are the elite Democrats and bureaucrats in power in Washington DC.

The dirty little secret is the Democrat elite in power real agenda is not to help the poor, minorities and women rubes who vote for them. The Democrats’ real agenda is to institute an all powerful government with the power to confiscate the people’s money so they can use it to reward their supporters and  punish their political opponents. Your worth to the Democrat Party is determined by what you pay to them in tribute. The more you contribute to the Democrat Party the more favors you get from government.
Of course this is all covered up by Democrat flowery rhetoric about how much they care for the plight of the poor, minorities and women. The lies President Obama used to pass Obamacare and lies about Climate change is one of the Democrat’s favorite tactics to cover up the truth about their real agenda. The truth is all of the Democrats’ policies hurt the people the Democrats claim to support the most. Take for example the anti growth environmental policies of the Democrats that denies Americans access to their enormous fossil fuel assets. Fossil Fuel assets that could lift everyone up from poverty and provide the economic growth needed to create millions of jobs.
You would think if the Democrats really cared about helping the poor it would be a no brainer to free up America’s Natural Fossil Fuel Assets to development. Development that would create more wealth and jobs for everyone.  Wrong, Democrats would rather reward their crony Green capitalists pals with big government subsidies than do anything of worth to help the poor. The result: the poor get poorer, fuel prices skyrocket and jobs for the poor get scarcer. In the meantime the Democrats are for open borders which will flood the job market with even more poor people competing for the already scarce jobs.
Eagles get slaughtered by the blades of monstrous Wind Turbines blighting our bucolic landscapes.

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