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September 14, 2013

Why Is Obama Waging A Regulatory War On America’s Fossil Fuel Industry?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Imagine if Saudi Arabia imposed the same regulations on their fossil fuel industry Obama and the EPA are imposing on America‘s fossil fuel industry? 


The people of Saudi Arabia would be getting out their pitchforks and the  Saudi Arabia oil Sheiks would not be in power very much longer. 


The people of Saudi Arabia’s standard of living would drop off a cliff and instead of living in luxury they would all be living in substandard housing or in tents 


They would not have the resources to spread  their radical Wahhabi Muslim ideology around the world. 


So the question is what does Obama hope to achieve by waging a regulatory war on America’s fossil fuel industry?


Maybe Obama thinks his lap dog media will cover for him and his Warmist’s extremists so they can stay in power. Stay in power by deceiving people into believing  Obama’s  motivation for waging war on America’s Fossil Fuel Industry is to  “save the earth” from Climate Change. 



Or maybe he wants to lower the standard of living of the poor in America (he claims to be on the side of) so the poor are even more dependent on his government hand outs and thus even more inclined to keep him in power 


Or maybe he wants to turn America into a third rate power with no influence on world affairs. Saudi Arabia, Russia and China would certainly be happy by this change of fortune in American power and economic dominance. 


So what is Obama’s end game here? Is it pure save the earth from the trace gas CO2 extremist climate change ideology? Even one of IPCCs top scientists Von Storch is conceding that despite the rise in CO2 the earth is just not warming as the climate models predicted.…

So just what is Obama’s motivation for waging a war on America’s fossil fuel industry? Does President Obama really want a poorer and less powerful America? If he does, waging war on America’s fossil fuel industry is sure a great way of doing just that. 


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