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September 13, 2013

Coal industry finally comes around to JunkScience opposition to carbon capture: EPA requirement would be a ‘mistake’

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Alternative Energy in Germany is so expensive it has become a luxury item only the rich can afford. The new fracking technology has made accessible vast quantities of natural gas in America and the world and by the way America has the largest coal deposits in the world. These resources are estimated to last for 50 years or more in America. Moreover, this is just what is known to exist now. Land controlled by the Feds has not even been surveyed so who knows how much fossil fuel is available. Access to these vast reserves of fossil fuel could lead American into an economic bonanza with high paying jobs, a higher standard of living, paying down our debt etc etc. It is near criminal to deny Americans access to these valuable resources that could create so much wealth and raise so many people up from poverty.

In any case so called green energy is far from “clean”, needs government tax payer dollars to exist, is high cost and inefficient. Germany took the lead in transforming their economy to run on alternative energy and the outcome is:

(1) Alternative Energy is so expensive it has turned into a luxury item only the rich can afford

(2) Alternative Energy is so unreliable that Germany was forced to go back to using coal to keep people from freezing to death during the severe winters they’ve recently had,

(3) one of the original goals of converting to alternative energy was to reduce CO2 emissions,

(4) Environmentalists were shocked about all the collateral damage alternative energy did
to the environment.

(5) Renewable Energy is so expensive it is driving business out of Germany

Despite Germany’s track record of failure including flushing a trillion Euros down the toilet on alternative energy, President Obama and his ilk still want to travel the same road to failure Germany has. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The justification for continuing with this insanity of saving the planet from CO2 emissions has been disproven by reality. The Climate Change models have no relationship to reality. IPCC scientists Von Storch is now admitting that despite the rise in CO2 i temperatures have remained flat which is the exact opposite of what all the climate models predicted.

It is just wrong that President Obama and his ilk are pursuing their misanthropic and delusional dream of a “Green Utopia” at the expense of the poor and the future prosperity of America. Not to mention insane.

JunkScience led the argument against carbon capture and storage… finally the coal industry has come to embrace that opposition.

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