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September 5, 2013


Are You A BAD Person if you believe in Catastrophic Climate Change Theory? Not a bad like a murderer bad— but pretty BAD.

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

BAD for denying poor people access to the energy they need to “live long and prosper” so you can pursue your misanthropic dream of a mythical “GREEN UTOPIA”. 

“There is however, a much stronger association between incautious climate and energy policies and a deleterious effect on human welfare.  *(than there is between Climate Change and CO2 emissions) Should we propose, then, that events of mass human suffering be attributed to prominent environmentalists, because their backwards, anti-human and anti-developmental ideology has created a huge cost?

How about the Ed Miliband 27,000 excess winter deaths of 2008-9?

How about the 2002 Greenpeace Southern Africa famine?

And how about the 10 million annual deaths that are first order-effects of poverty each year… Let us call name them in turn, the Oxfam Slaughter, The Sustainability Massacre, the UNFCCC Mass Killing, the Save the Children Butchering, and the Friends of the Earth Genocide… and so on.

As I have pointed out before, supranational political institutions and transnational NGOs have an unchecked, undemocratic and self-serving control over the development agenda. Yet they do not prioritise development. They instead purposefully restrict it, limiting it with that fluffy-sounding prefix, “Sustainable-”. As Reuters recentlyreported:

The World Bank’s board on Tuesday agreed to a new energy strategy that will limit financing of coal-fired power plants to “rare circumstances,” as the Washington-based global development powerhouse seeks to address the impact of climate change.

People in developing economies are to be denied a tried, tested, cheap form of energy. Meanwhile, the country that has most championed green energy — Germany — has increased its coal use and has plans to open up to nearly 6GW of new coal-fired capacity by 2020.”

BAD for claiming that human CO2 emissions is the primary culprit behind Catastrophic Climate Change when there is little association with weather and climate observations.
BAD because you are doing all in your power to ruin one of America’s most essential institutions the Fossil Fuel Industry so you can-achieve your delusional dream of a “GREEN UTOPIA” . A green utopia powered by Alternative Energy like Wind Turbines that kill 39,000,000 bats and birds per year in the USA. 

 A green Utopia that is destroying millions of high paying American jobs and  increasing energy costs the poor cannot afford to pay for. 

BAD  because a strong case can be made that America’s involvement in the Middle East and all the blood and treasure America has spent to protect her oil interests could all have been avoided if America had been allowed to use her own vast Natural Fossil Fuel Resources. Think of how many lives could have been saved on 9/11, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and now in Syria if America had no need for any oil from the Middle East. 
BAD because your belief  in Catastrophic Climate Change is benefiting a few rich crony green capitalists at the expense of the poor.
BAD because trillions of dollars have been wasted on pie in the sky schemes to stop Climate Change. Schemes that have resulted in All pain for No Gain.
After wasting a Trillion Euros on Green Energy CO2 emmisons go up not down which is the opposite outcome of your goal to “save the earth” from CO2 emmisions.
BAD   because you use lies, data tampering, censorship and smears to silence anyone who disagrees with you
It is a lie that 98% of scientists agree human CO2 emmisions are the primary culprite behind Catastrophic Climate Change
Data Tampering:
Instead, the question is why The Journal publishes commentary by climate change deniers such as Goreham and Stenhouse, with their usual statements that are often factually wrong and, rather than shed light on a complex topic, only serve to confuse the public. Why doesn’t The Journal give similar coverage to the Flat Earth Society? (To its credit, the paper’s Truth-O-Meter column later investigated Goreham’s claims and found them “Half True.”)”

What is the most notable scientific ‘discovery’ of warmists?

Drum roll please…Censorship! Here are some recent examples from the collection:

Paul Vxxx Comment to Stephen Hale Censorship article above. 
“Rhode Island, a progressive state by majority, has long had an extremely vocal right-wing contingent who are anti-same-sex marriage, anti-feminist, xenophobic, climate change deniers and who for better or worse, have found a home here in The Providence Journal, along with Rhode Island’s radio stations WPRO and WHJJ. It get’s a bit overwhelming, such as last week when there was embarrassingly enough, six different letters to the editor denying what 97% of scientists world wide have documented as fact. When you make your living in any scientific field, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that some of your neighbors are either of such low intelligence or so gullible as to believe the ramblings of the likes of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin on Fox News rather than visual evidence as it appears on National Geographic or Discovery. Thankfully, their archaic opinions are for the most part relegated to conservative talk radio and “Letters To The Editor”.

* my insert

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  1. May 24 2014

    There are not GOOD people and BAD people. We each have the capacity to harm or to benefit others. And the ability to see flaws in others but not in ourselves.

    Fortunately, historic events of 1922 and 1945 offer us a way to resolve the climate/fuel debate and restore sanity to society without more violence.

    I will post below the link to a one-page document that summarizes the 1922 and 1945 events on opposite sides of a single page!

  2. Sep 5 2013

    The root of our problem is the loss of CONSCIOUS contact with the Sustainer of Life.

    1. Life is an energy-consuming process. Computers, toasters and human lives all depend on an external source of power (energy).

    2. Before scientists grasped the concept of energy, religions said God sustained all forms of life. Humans maintained humility, sanity and CONSCIOUS awareness of the Sustainer of Life through meditation, contemplation, prayer and physical contact with Nature.


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