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August 26, 2013


It’s a Mad Mad Mad World when Cass Sunstein Is Obama’s Choice For The NSA Oversight Board

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Why would President Obama want to appoint  Cass Sunstein to the NSA Oversight Board  to address concerns the NSA may be illegally spying on American citizens? Is it because Cass Sunstein shares President Obama’s beliefs that: Speech should be regulated by the government; Animals have the same rights as humans; Americans do not have the right to own a gun for the purpose of defending their lives; That the money individuals have worked for is not theirs (sounds a bit like slavery that one)? All of the aforementioned beliefs sound a bit wacko to me but more and more President Obama appears to be leading America into an “Alice In Wonderland”  future composed of a “mad’ ruling elite.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
(Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 6) 

Below is a collection of quotes attributed to Cass Sunstein.

Free Speech

“A system of limitless individual choices, with respect to communications, is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government.”
“A legislative effort to regulate broadcasting in the interest of democratic principles should not be seen as an abridgment of the free speech guarantee.”

“I have argued in favor of a reformulation of First Amendment law. The overriding goal of the reformulation is to reinvigorate processes of democratic deliberation, by ensuring greater attention to public issues and greater diversity of views.”

“…[I]n light of astonishing economic and technological changes, we must doubt whether, as interpreted, the constitutional guarantee of free speech is adequately serving democratic goals. It is past time for a large-scale reassessment of the appropriate role of the First Amendment in the democratic process.”

“The site’s of one point of view agree to provide links to sites of the other point of view. So if you’re reading a conservative magazine, they would provide a link to a liberal site. And vice versa, just to make it easy for people to access to competing views.

Or maybe a popup on your screen that would show you an advertisement or maybe even a quick argument for a competing view.

If we could get voluntary arrangements in that direction, it would be great and if we can’t get voluntary arrangements maybe Congress should hold hearings about mandates.”

Sunstein verbally shuffles around and throws out the “aw shucks” smokescreen: “If we could do this voluntarily…”

“Sometimes, the word ‘voluntary’ is a little complicated…”
– Cass Sunstein

Second Amendment

“Consider the view that the Second Amendment confers an individual right to own guns. The view is respectable, but it may be wrong, and prominent specialists reject it on various grounds. As late as 1980, it would have been preposterous to argue that the Second Amendment creates an individual right to own guns, and no federal court invalidated a gun control restriction on Second Amendment grounds until 2007. Yet countless Americans politicians, in recent years, have acknowledged that they respect the
individual right to bear arms, at least in general terms. Their views are a product of the energetic efforts of meaning entrepreneurs – some from the National Rifle Association, who have press a particular view of the Second Amendment. ”

“The National Association of Broadcasters and others with similar economic interests typically use the First Amendment in precisely the same way the National Rifle Association uses the Second Amendment. We should think of the two camps as jurisprudential twins.”

Hunting & Animal Rights

“We ought to ban hunting”

“[Humans’] willingness to subject animals to unjustified suffering will be seen … as a form of unconscionable barbarity… morally akin to slavery and the mass extermination of human beings.”


“In what sense in the money in our pockets and bank accounts fully ‘ours’? Did we earn it by our own autonomous efforts? Could we have inherited it without the assistance of probate courts? Do we save it without the support of bank regulators? Could we spend it if there were no public officials to coordinate the efforts and pool the resources of the community in which we live?… Without taxes there would be no liberty. Without taxes there would be no property. Without taxes, few of us would have any assets worth defending. [It is] a dim fiction that some people enjoy and exercise their rights without placing any burden whatsoever on the public fisc. … There is no liberty without dependency. That is why we should celebrate tax day …”

Second Bill of Rights

“My major aim in this book is to uncover an important but neglected part of America’s heritage: the idea of a second bill of rights. In brief, the second bill attempts to protect both opportunity and security, by creating rights to employment, adequate food and clothing, decent shelter, education, recreation, and medical care.”

“Much of the time, the United States seems to have embraced a confused and pernicious form of individualism. This approach endorses rights of private property and freedom of contract, and respects political liberty, but claims to distrust “government intervention” and insists that people must fend for themselves. This form of so-called individualism is incoherent, a tangle of confusions.”

“For better or worse, the Constitution’s framers gave no thought to including social and economic guarantees in the bill of rights.”

Animal Rights

“Animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives…”

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  1. Aug 28 2013

    Comments and suggestions on a synopsis of the book in progress would be helpful:

    Social Insanity: Loss of Contact with Reality

    Life is an energy consuming process.  Like a computer, washing machine, or electric motor, things that live are connected to the Sustainer of Life.  Like computers, our talents and sanity will vanish if unplugged from reality.

    Before scientists grasped the concept of energy, religions taught that life is sustained by God, Higher Power, Father of Light, Spirit of the Universe, etc.  Humans maintained conscious contact with God and remained “right-sized” by contemplation, prayer, meditation, and contact with Nature.

    In 1905 Einstein [1] showed that the conversion of mass (m) into energy (E), E = mc2 generates the energy that sustains life and our dynamic cosmos.

    On August 6 and 9, 1945 energy (E) released from the cores of uranium and plutonium atoms killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Fear of nuclear annihilation and remorse for using science (E = mc2) to destroy human life forced world leaders to:

    1. Form the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 
    2. Take Orwellian [2] control of humans
    3. Obscure reality (factual information)
    4. Induce insanity into human society

    The Sun’s pulsar core is the great equalizer that sustains the lives of all Earth’s inhabitants, from single-celled plants and animals to kings and paupers.  Neutron repulsion in the core of the Sun was The Sustainer of Life’s Origin and Evolution for the last three-and-a-half thousand million years (3500 Ma).  Neutron repulsion in the core of the precursor star was The Creator of Atoms that then caused the explosive birth of the Solar System as a supernova five thousand million years (5000 Ma) ago [3].

    1. A. Einstein, “Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Korper,” Annalen der Physik 17, 891 (1905); “Ist die Trägheit eines Körpers von seinem Energie-gehalt abhängig?” ibid. 18, 639 (1905)
    2. George Orwell, “1984” (1950) 328 pages:
    3. Oliver K. Manuel, ”Neutron Repulsion”, The APEIRON J. 19, 123-150 (2012):

  2. Aug 27 2013

    It is indeed a Mad Mad Mad World.

    Insanity (loss of conscious contact with reality) was induced in 1945 out of fear of death from nuclear annihilation.

    The Destroyer of Lives that was released from the cores of uranium and plutonium atoms over Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 & 9 Aug 1945 is also the Creator and Sustainer of Lives in the core of the Sun.

    Frightened world leaders formed the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 and rewarded scientists for obscuring the source of energy – neutron repulsion – that powers the cosmos from the cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies.

    Since life itself is an energy consuming process, you and I are connected to the Creator and Sustainer of Lives .

    Prior to 1945, religions kept mankind “right-sized” by reminding us daily of the Great Reality: We Are All Connected to the Creator and Sustainer of Life !

    Current society is insane (loss of conscious contact with reality) induced in 1945 out of fear of death from nuclear annihilation.

    • Aug 27 2013

      Being angry at frightened world leaders or their predecessors who violated the Constitution and spied on each other and on their own citizens would be counterproductive.

      They were afraid. Forgive their transgressions, and help them find a way to live happy, joyous and free, – just as we each want to live happy, joyous and free..


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