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August 25, 2013


Plastic People in a Plastic Free World.

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Have the Anti fracking and no Keystone pipeline folks ever lived in the fossil free dream world they yearn for? I can assure you it would be a night mare for them. Look what they would have to give up.

Anti Fracking Protest

A little bit of old Frank Zappa:

A fine little girl she waits for me
She’s as plastic as she can be
She paints her face with plastic goo
And wrecks her hair with some shampoo

Plastic people
Oh, baby, now you’re such a drag

The belief that government has the power to change the climate by “skyrocketing” energy costs the poor cannot afford to pay for is morally indefensible. 

Higher Energy Costs = More Poor People = More Children Dying

Government control over our energy resources attract corruption like magnets Green energy requires tax payer subsidies to exist, is wasteful and fail to deliver on their promises of being a viable replacement for fossil fuel.  

You could say that windmills and government are one and the same with the same performance, with a few insiders getting rich at the direct expense of the many. But that is what the renewable fraud was all about, it was a way of siphoning off public monies to a few looters and profiteers. In the mean time the CO2 Climate Change Theory justifying all this looting of the peoples’ money are based on Climate models that have no relationship to reality. 

“When the climate models do not agree with the reality”, Vahrenholt thundered, “then reality is not what’s false!”

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  1. Aug 26 2013

    Six years ago (2007), before Climategate emails and documents were released (2009), a blogger (Smokey) reported this history of the expenditure of billions of dollars to discover evidence of proton-decay:

    “In the early ’70′s, physicist Alan Guth of M.I.T. postulated that the proton decays over time. Dr Guth persuaded a ‘consensus’ of physicists that proton decay was real, and he proposed an elaborate experiment to prove it. Dr Guth certainly didn’t expect the ‘consensus’ opinion to be falsified.

    [Falsification is essential to the scientific method; if a conjecture can be proven false (falsified), it’s not scientifically valid. But if it cannot be proven false, it becomes a scientific theory; like the theory of gravity]. See:

    So in 1982, in order to test Dr Guth’s proton decay physicists built a huge [and very expensive] detector thousands of feet underground called the Kamiokande. But the Kamiokande detector failed to prove that the proton decays, as predicted by scientific ‘consensus.’

    Governments and scientists did not give up. Next, they built Kamiokande II in 1985. The scientific consensus was overwhelming that this new, 10X more sensitive detector would prove that the proton decays over time [the lifetime of a proton was assumed – by consensus – to be about 1036 years].

    Kamiokande II failed to find any evidence of proton decay. But many physicists were certain that the proton decays [since they had staked their reputations on it]. They prevailed on the government to spend more $billions, and Superkamiokande [SuperK] was completed in 1996. Why? Because the overwhelming scientific consensus was still that the proton decays over time into lighter subatomic particles.

    But the ultra-sensitive SuperK failed to show any evidence of proton decay.

    The consensus for proton decay was getting a little shaky after many so many $billions were spent [although a few scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovery of neutrinos from supernovas by using the K and SuperK detectors and studying the results for over many years – at a time when the Nobel Prize was more respected than it is now].

    Even though the consensus for the proton decay conjecture was finally eroding [after burning through much of the U.S. science budget, thereby starving many other programs], the search for proton decay had taken on an inertia of its own.

    In 2006, the latest and greatest detector was put on-line: the SuperK II. As you can probably guess, the SuperK II has shown zero evidence of proton decay. More than $20 billion has been spent so far on the proton decay conjecture – based on the ‘consensus’ of physicists.

    It hasn’t been money completely wasted. The purpose of the scientific method is to show whether a conjecture can be falsified. In the case of proton decay, the conjecture was falsified — forcing scientists to acknowledge that they needed a new and entirely diffeerent theory, to provide a hypothesis as to why the proton does not decay.”

  2. Aug 26 2013

    Here is a real example of the way physics has been corrupted:

    In 1975 we had just measured the decay rate of tellurium-128 (10^24 yrs) and reported it in Physic Review Letters.

    I was approached by a bureaucrat and asked to write a proposal to measure the half life of proton decay.

    Fortunately I declined the offer to undertake to measure something for which there was no persuasive evidence.

    If I had done so, I might have been tempted to report evidence of what they wanted me to “see” – and lost all credibility as an experiment scientist.

  3. Aug 25 2013

    The source of social insanity is arrogant ignorance of empirical reality:

    1. Life is an energy consuming process.

    2. All life is connected to the Creator and Sustainer of Life.

    3. If alive, you are connected to the Sustainer of Life, but may not know it.

    4. Conscious awareness of reality was historically maintained in

    _ a.) Prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread,” i.e., energy.

    _ b.) Government: “We are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights”

    5. In 1905 Einstein noted mass (m) is stored energy (E), E = mc2

    6. In 1945 atomic bombs revealed the destructive power of E = mc2

    7. Frightened world leaders arranged to hide the basic source of all energy

    8. Society lost awareness lives are sustained and totally dependent on energy

    Probably you can communicate this idea much better than I have.

    • Aug 26 2013

      You correctly noted the insanity of plastic people protesting fossil fuel.

      Much worse is the insanity of
      thousands of PhD physicists spending their careers and public tax funds trying to discover evidence for predictions made by false models of reality: God particles; Quarks with a charge of 0.333 e-; Oscillating solar neutrinos; Super-heavy element fission products in meteorites; Ne-A,
      Ne-B, Ne-C, Ne-D, Ne-E, etc in

      Perhaps insanity is fleeing from a reality that is not understandable. That might explain how deception about reality induced insanity in society.

      The solution that Dr. Carl Jung and Mr. Bill Wilson discovered and
      developed into the 12 Step Program
      of recovery begins with an admission of personal powerlessness over those things that are controlled by cause-and-effect.

      For society to recover sanity, the price may be admission that the Creator & Sustainer of Life remained in total control even after it became politically incorrect to say so.

  4. Aug 25 2013

    Thank you for pointing out the insanity of this protester.

    Society is dangerously insane, perhaps initiated in 1945 by world leaders’ fear of death by nuclear annihilation and deception about Japan’s atomic bombs:

    Continued evolution of humans will probably require us to conquer those fears and learn to safely use the energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of heavy atoms like Th, U and Pu.

    It is difficult for us to grasp that the destroyer of life in atomic bombs is also the sustainer of life in the Sun:

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo


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