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August 7, 2013


Democratic Party Dogmatism Leading America Down A Dead End Street To Economic Ruin

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
For example, President Obama’s dogmatism on Global Warming. The U.S. has enough oil, gas and coal to become energy independant, start paying off the debt and creating millions of new high paying jobs not to mention funding all those domestic programs close to Presdent Obama’s heart. By unleashing our vast fossil fuel resources President Obama would be forever remembered and revered as the President who led America into an economic renaissance. Sounds like a no brainer plan right? Nooooo says Obama. His stubborn dogmatism and faith in the false prophecies of his doom and gloom “Climate Scientists” tell him that the planet might burn up from too much CO2 emissions from fossil fuel if he does this. Plus, a his Green Capitalist Cronies would not be getting the billions of dollars in tax payer subsidies if there were cheaper and more reliable alternative energy available from fossil fuel (which might be the real reason behind his refusal to do the obvious when it comes to creating jobs which he claims to be his top priority LOL)

Maybe if President Obama wasn’t so dogmatic about his blind faith in his false prophets of doom and gloom global warming he might be a little more opened minded and stop the name calling of anyone who dares to disagree with him.
For example:
Physicist and meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls recently stated that the belief CO2 can regulate climate is “sheer absurdity”.
Another recent study shows significant cooling since 1982
Than there is the fact that the models President Obama is basing his energy policy decisions on have all been proven to be wrong.
Bottom line is that it is the Democrats, not the GOP, that are so dogmatic in their beliefs about Catastrophic Climate Change they are leading America into economic ruin by blocking access to our vast natural resources of cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel.Eventually it will become obvious President Obama had no sound reason to do this. Access to our vast natural resources of fossil fuel would spur our economy and create the jobs President Obama promised as his top priority.
When the truth of this stupendous folly on President Obama’s part comes to light for all to see  everyone will be carrying the proverbial pitch forks to the door of the Democratic Party. When this happens it will be the Democrats, not the GOP, at a Dead End Street. The Democrats will be forever labeled as the party responsible for preventing people from achieving the American dream. All due to the Democratic Party’s bone headed dogmatism about Catastrophic Climate Change with a good dose of greed at the bottom of it all.


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  1. ryan59479
    Aug 7 2013

    So all of those ice shelves in the arctic are melting because the planet has been getting cooler for the last 30 years…?


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