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July 25, 2013

The Imaginary “Science” Of Climate Change Theory

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

  1. If anthropogenic global warming is not really happening, then how could the whole world have been blindly led to this unbelievable error?

    Because it was deliberately introduced into the education system, by whom I do not know, but what has been introduced is a clever manipulation of science terms to create “The Greenhouse Effect” – even he apparently does not notice that he is spouting a meme when he says:

    “On the subject of CO2′s assumed high sensitivity, Puls says that even the IPCC itself concedes…

    …that a doubling of CO2 alone can produce only 1°C of warming. Beyond that feedback effects get calculated in. The IPCC reports speak about ‘assumed values’. This is nothing but hypotheses!”

    But a hypothesis has never been produced. Whenever empirical data requested for the claims they make for carbon dioxide the usual response, after the blustering of hand waving generally to the past authority in the meme “Ahrennius, Tyndall, Fourier” and claims that there are hundreds of experiments in the last century confirming this, is silence.

    What he probably does not know, and which I only found out by chance questioning, is that the AGW GHE has changed the properties of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen – they are not what he has probably been taught them to be, but are now “ideal gas”, which is an imaginary construct in physics of some use in calculations when all the missing bits are put back in.

    The ideal gas is not a real gas, it has no mass, so no weight under gravity, no attraction, no volume, the GHE stops short of Van der Waals. So in this atmosphere there is no convection, because real gases (real and ideal descriptions from traditional physics), in their properties of expanding when heated and condensing when cooled, is what gives us heat transfer by convection and so our winds which are convection currents.

    I am assuming he was educated in meteorology pre the GHE introduction, so assumes they are using the same real gases for their claims. If so, it will certainly come as a shock to him if and when he finds they actually have no atmosphere at all, but only empty space populated by ideal gas miles apart from each other zooming about at great speeds under their own molecular momentum and bouncing off each other and an invisible container so ‘thoroughly mixing’ – the invisible container required because ideal gas is not subject to gravity, they are hard dots of nothing, so without this they would zoom at hundreds of miles an hour to the ends of the universe..

    The Greenhouse Effect does not have winds and weather and it has no Water Cycle, no rain in its Carbon Cycle for example – those promoting CAGW/AGW brought up on this strange impossible physics have no reason to question the basics, and so do not miss these because they are never mentioned.

    It began to be introduced into the education a few decades ago by first including it in general teacher training courses, those not specialising in science and entering into teaching at the infant and primary level. The result now is that we have PhD’s in physics who do not the difference between real and ideal gas.

    I have seen several refences recently to making the teaching of ideal gas only with no details of real, too complicated one such said, extend into university level from the now high school level.

    The way I found out was by questioning a PhD teaching physics at university level – he was adamant that carbon dioxide could not separate out because it was ‘thoroughly mixed as per ideal gas diffusion’. He was rather shocked when I gave him examples from the real world, volcanic, mining, breweries, to show that heavier than air actually meant something physically.. He came up with an idea, certainly not taught, that carbon dioxide must bring the ‘whole package of air in which it was thoroughly mixed, down with it’. The fictional fisics of AGW teaches that it cannot separate out at all.

    I was still in shock myself hearing his claims for carbon dioxide and to be sure that I was not misunderstanding him, and since he conceded that carbon dioxide could pool on the floor, I suggested a thought experiment.

    There is a room where carbon dioxide has pooled on the floor and nothing is changed to alter this, no work done, no window opened, no fan put on.

    I said that because it is heavier than air, one and half times heavier, it will stay pooled on the floor. He said that it would spontaneously and rapidly diffuse into all the space in the room and become so thoroughly mixed that it could not then be unmixed without a lot of work being done.

    Those taught this AGW Greenhouse Effect fisics do not realise they have no sound in their world, which is perhaps why they have such difficulty hearing this..

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