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July 4, 2013

The High Cost of Free Energy

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

The weather was more extreme in 1913.

There is no consensus among scientists about CO2 Climate Change Theory. Cook fasely identified climate scientists as believing in the theory when in point of fact they did not

Professor Salby’s analysis that CO2 is not the primary driver of Climate Change has been replicated and proved correct by “Swedish climate scientist Pehr Björnbom who confirms that temperature, not man-made CO2, drives CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Dr. Björnbom confirms Salby’s hypothesis that the rate of change in carbon dioxide concentration in the air follows an equation that only depends on temperature change, detailed in his report Reconstruction of Murry Salby’s theory that carbon dioxide increase is temperature driven [Google translation].”

We need to do everything (legally) in our power to stop the authoritarian mad men in the UN and President Obama from controlling our energy resources by government fiat and driving people into poverty for no reason. The main people who have a “vested interest” in destroying America’s fossil fuel resources are the corrupt green crony capitalists who donated heavily to Obama and the mainly white false prophets of doom and gloom in Acacemia and Green Activist conclaves.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

I will take as my departure point the following rather depressing chart from the US Energy Information Agency (EIA). It shows the rise in US electricity prices since 2001:

EIA average retail price of electricity monthlyFigure 1. Increase in energy costs for the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, along with the average, from the EIA. SOURCE

That is a 50% increase in electricity costs in about a decade, and as you can see, we’re getting shafted. Now, it may be that the advent of “SmartMeters” is responsible for the decoupling of the different types of rates in 2009. I say that because residential has continued to increase post 2009, while commercial and industrial have stayed about level. But that’s just a guess, and coupled or not, prices are way up.

I got to thinking about that, and about the difference in the price of electricity from state to state, as shown…

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