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June 27, 2013

President Obama’s Power Grab Over America’s Energy Resources

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
In the pre industrialized world of 1762 when cheap and reliable energy from coal did not exist Jean-Jacques Rousseaus Emile was written. It contained these words:

“One half of the children who are born die before their eighth year….This is natures law; why contradict it?”

On June 25, 2013,  President Obama gave his Climate Change speech. In his speech he claimed the world would be better off if cheap and reliable energy from coal did not exist. His speech contained these words. 

“While we may not live to see the full realization of our ambition, we will have the satisfaction of knowing that the world we leave to our children will be better off for what we did.” 

Thus in the pursuit of making “our children” “better off” President Obama declared he would use his power to extinquish the energy coal provides to the American people. Energy that provides over a third of America\’s power. He declared he will use his power to deny the American people the right to develop their vast natural fossil fuel resources. Energy resouces that would provide the American people and their children and childrens children cheap and reliable energy for 300 years or more. He declared he will use his power to destroy jobs in the coal industry and put people out of work. He declared he will use his power to waste billions of more tax payer dollars on failed green energy boondoggles like Solyndra that are toxic to the environment, unreliable and high cost sources of energy hurting the poor the most. He declared that he will use his power to “skyrocket” energy prices and thus lower the standard of living of the American people. 

President Obama\’s ruthless power grab of America\’s energy resources was met with little outrage. Perhaps because people have become complacent in a land rich with power to the point people no longer understand how their lives will change for the worse if that power becomes scarce, costly and under the control of the government. President Obama\’s power grab over our energy resources will thrust America back into a dark age. A dark age of unreliable and scarce power; brown outs and black outs; higher unemployment; more poverty; and more children dying. More children dying before their eighth year like it was back in 1762 when cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel did not exist. In President Obama\’s brave new carbon free world our children will not “better off” but worse off “for what we did”. The American Dream will have been transformed into an American nightmare. 

Thus the age of King George III will rise again in the once free land of America. President Obama said he wanted to “transform America” and he is keeping his promise.  America is being transformed from a Nation ruled by laws into a Nation once again ruled by an autocratic King. A King immune to any care of how his dictates impact the lives of his subjects. President Obama and his royal court are too busy living the high life jetting off to Africa in their fossil fuel powered air craft on a 100 million dollar vacation to care anything about the plight of the little people who are subject to his dictates over their access to power.

Power over America\’s energy resources is power over an individuals inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness granted to us by the Creator. President Obama has seized that power. A power he will only grant to his most loyal followers. His loyal followers in the media will remain deaf and blind to his trampling of the peoples\’ inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His false prophesies of doom and gloom intended to scare people into believing in the non existent threat of human caused Climate Change will not be challenged. His followers will blindly idolize him as their saviour come to save them from the catastrophic threat of “carbon pollution” from fossil fuel. They will be ignorant of the fact that his dictates to stop our use of fossil fuel in order to save the planet will be all pain for no gain. 

So as he uses his green dagger to strike at the heart of America\’s energy resources people will wonder why they and their children are not “better off” like he promised them they would be. They are poorer, less free and nothing has happened to change the climate for the better.  They will also wonder why America is no longer “a shining city on a hill”. A beacon of hope for all the oppressed people of the world. In the worse case scenario America\’s decline in power could set the world on a descent into more chaos, misery and war. Radical Islam in the East could rise. The West could fall. America\’s beacon of freedom around the world could fade away. America’s shinning light extinquished “for what we did” may be President Obama’s ultimate legacy.

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