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May 11, 2013

Land For Biofuel – Wind Turbines – Solar Panels Not For Food Crops and Nature

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
The problem with Green Energy is that is is not very green. 

Once green forests are chopped down and people driven off their land to plant palm trees for biofuel

Natural Desert, Mountain Habitats and the Ocean are layed waste with bird killing giant Wind Turbine Plantations

Wind Turbines are NOT a “dependable source of energy ……..This drives up the number of wind turbines needed. Furthermore, the average wind speed at most locations is well below the speed needed to produce this peak output power. The average wind speed at most locations is closer to or even less than 10 miles per hour (not 27 miles per hour). You can find some locations with a higher than average windspeed, but not over an area as large as the east coast. This means that the average output power from a 3 megawatt wind turbine will be about 0.2 megawatts (200 kilowatts) (see graph below). The number of wind turbines needed would therefore be about 5 million wind turbines = (333,000 turbines x (3 megawatts / 0.2 megawatts)). Even if we could select sites to give us an average wind speed of about 15 miles per hour which would allow an average power output of about 1 megawatt from the wind turbine, we would still need 1 million wind turbines = (333,000 turbines x (3 megawatts / 1 megawatt)). Obviously this is a stupendous number of wind turbines.” 

According to a  2011 U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey each Wind Turbine requires one acre of land to operate on which equal one million acres of land. 

“Achieving the goal of using wind energy as the source for 20 percent of the electricity-generating capacity of the United States by 2030 would require an average annual consumption of about 6.8 Mt of concrete, 1.5 Mt of steel, 310,000 t of cast iron, 40,000 t of copper, and 380 t of the rare-earth element neodymium.” What is not mentioned in the report is that the main source of rare earth for Wind Turbines is China. Rare Earth mining in China is the cause of  great toxic waste that poisons China’s people and their land.
This toxic lake poisons Chinese farmers, their children and their land. It is what’s left behind after making the magnets for Britain’s latest wind turbines… and, as a special Live investigation reveals, is merely one of a multitude of environmental sins committed in the name of our new green Jerusalem”

Fertile land for food crops are converted to giant waves of sterile solar panels.

Large concentrations of solar collection devices on the surface of the earth by comparing the efficiencies could actually cause more global warming that any of the diffuse greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Moreover,

“Although solar is seen as clean energy in terms of carbon emissions, the production of many components is energy intensive and polluting. Toxic discharges from the factory killed large numbers of fish and regulators have previously ordered the company to suspend operations, according to the domestic media. [… ]
The clash highlights the difficulty that China faces as it tries to clean up its environment, reduce its reliance on coal and secure “clean tech” export business. The country is the world’s biggest manufacturer of solar panels with about 70% of the global market, but overseas rivals say this dominant position has been achieved through unfair subsidies, low wages and lax environmental regulation.”
Environmentalists don’t care that Biofuel, Wind Turbines and Solar Panels do more harm than good. They are on a mission from God to save the earth from the sins of humanity who are destroying the earth with their wasteful life styles. Life styles that must be punished with a carbon tax that will increase the cost of energy and thus lower everyone’s standard of living except for the rich mainly male anglo elites in the Green movement

Never-mind that the Greens are the ones who are doing the most harm to Mother Earth and to humanity with their cockamamy schemes for a fossil free world. A fossil free world that pollutes the earth with toxic waste from the manufacture of Bird Killing Wind Turbines and Land Destroying Solar Panels; Chops down virgen forests to grow palm trees for biofuel and Throws poor Africans off their land so rich neocolonialist Green corporations can profit. Anyone who dares to challenge the Greens are shouted down as “deniers” and “crazy“. The truth is the Green are the crazy ones. They are the ones who are destroying Mother Earth based on their false belief that CO2 emmisions from fossil fuel is causing Catastrophic Climate Change.

CO2 concentration and global temperature.

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