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April 6, 2013


by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Rich Green Activists Anti Fossil Fuel Agenda Rule The Democrat Party – Not The Welfare Of The Poor,  Minorites, Young People and Women The Democrats Claim To Support – Part II
“Half of children perish in pre-industrial societies.” from lack of affordable energy. Affordable energy rich green activists who support the Democratic Party want to stop poor people from getting access to.

Unemployment among minorities is higher than ever. The January 2013 Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports unemployment among blacks (13.8) and Latinos (9.7%) whites (7.0%). The number of food stamp and disability aid recipients have more than doubled under President Obama. So with the economy in a meltdown and so much misery among the Democrat Parties biggest supporters, (the poor, minorities and young people) you would think the Democrats would be doing everything in their power to help private corporations move forward with projects that can provide millions of high paying jobs for their supporters like the Keystone XL Pipeline and Fracking. Nope.

The anti fossil fuel and pro Wall Street agendas of the Democratic Party’s rich Wall Street and Green Activist supporters is the agenda the Democratic Party supports. Good high paying jobs for the poor, minorities, young people and women are at the bottom of the Democrats list of priorities.
Why is this so? For one thing Wall Street and Green Activists put big bucks into the Democratic coffers.  Of course that is not the reason the Democrats give for their anti-fossil fuel agenda. They say they must ban affordable and reliable energy from fossil fuel to stop climate change from destroying the planet. The Democrats also claim that so called “Green Energy” is the way to “save” the planet.  But is this true? The truth is the predictions of the Catastrophic Climate Change Scientists have been “Lies, Damn Lies and Hockey Sticks“.

Ergo the Catastrophic Clomate Change Theory that predicts a rise in co2 will cause a rise in temperatures has been demonstrated by real world data to be false.  Moreover, Green Energy is costly, unreliable, toxic to the environment and provides a fraction of the energy fossil  fuel does.
Unfortunately the fact the predictions of Catastrophic Climate Change have been proven to be false and their Green Energy investments are miserable failures is not stopping the Democrats from going forward with their plan to tax carbon emmisions based on co2’s theorectical “Social Cost”. Social Costs that were derived by bespecalted bureacrats in Washington D.C. who have conjured up theories that an increase in co2 emmisions will lead to Catastrophic Climate Change. Floods, severe storms, the sea rising and swallowing up the Eastern and Western shore line and so on. All of these claims have been debunked but the Democrats still refuse to consider the  real world social cost of high unemployment and  energy poverty that is destroying our economy and the lives of their biggest supporters the poor, minorities, the young and women.
If the anti fossil fuel agenda of rich green activists is achieved it will transform society back to a pre industrial world where history shows half the children perished before reaching adulthood. Living in an energy starved society inhabited by 99% poor people and the 1% rich green activists that the Democrats supports would be a hell on earth. In the UK this is already starting to happen where poor people are freezing to death from the cold due to the high costs of Green energy they cannot afford to pay for. If the Democrats really were interested in helping make the lives of their biggest supporter better they would not be supporting the rich green activists and Wall Street agendas. Agendas that will ultimately lead to the downfall of our economy and energy poverty for 99% of the people.

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