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March 22, 2013

Neo Colonialist Green Activists – Are They “bloody well near a paedophile ring.”?

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower

Many activists within the Green or Environmental Movement reject the culture of Western Civilization. One of the core reasons for their abhorrence of Western Civilization are the past transgressions of the European Colonialists who invaded and conquered  the indigenous people of America, India and many other lands around the world. This abhorrence of Western Civilization was clearly demonstrated at the four hundredth  year 2007 commemoration of the first British settlement  in JamesTown, Virginia by one of the protestors at the celebration Malik Shabazz, president of Black Lawyers for Justice who said “We, as Coalition of many colors, stood together in protest to demonstrate our solidarity on behalf of our people in exposing the ‘Shame on Jamestown.’ Our voices were compelled to be heard for the 400 years of killings of millions of Blacks and Indigenous people who were killed, raped and who are now being led on a “death march” to total destruction,” said Mr. Muhammad. “We call on the Black and Indigenous Nations everywhere to raise their voices against this international insult and shame. We must now move to bring this issue to the international court as a war crime against humanity. We now know that the time for our rise is now, while the world’s eyes are focused on this shame ‘How will we respond?’”

 However the European Colonialists who settled in American 400 years ago did not see their mission in America as a “war crime against humanity” they saw their mission in America as a “Manifest Destiny “. They believed they were on a mission from God to transform the lives of the indigenous people of America into the “superior” more “civilized” culture of Western Civilization.

Native Americans were forcibly converted to Christianity and discouraged from practicing their native culture.  This was wrong. It was wrong to force the indigenous people of America to transform from their Native culture into the Western culture of the Colonialist’s. Sadly the history of the world repeately demonstrates that when a more “advanced” culture in possesion of superior weapons encounters a culture with relatively inferior weapons, the culture with the inferior weapons inevitably is conquered. The only saving grace being that the descendants of the conquered Native Americans have advanced along with their European counterparts to live a life of plenty when compared to the life of little their Ancestors endured.  But if the Green Activists get their way the life of plenty in America would come to an end.

The Environmentalists like to imagine that the pre Columbian Ancestors of todays Native Americans lived in a Utopia type state of harmony with nature. This is delusional  Four hundred years ago the Native American people lived a Stone Age existence of brutal war fare between the numerous tribes of the era . “Pre Columbian Indians Puchased Women by War” many women were war prisoners or enslaved: some in the Aztec area were not buried in the usual respectful manner and many of the women bones carry signs of an abused life.” one of the largest “Analysis of grave sites from pre-Hispanic times in Southwest United States has revealed”.  Michael Medved points toHarvard anthropologist Steven LeBlanc spent years studying the Anasazi Indians of the American Southwest and only gradually came to reject the popular notion that North American tribes had once composed a gorgeous mosaic of diversity, living side by side in peace and dignity.  In his research, he discovered pueblos built on mesas from the years 1275 to 1325 — long before Europeans had arrived in the New World — that housed more than a thousand residents each, designed to be impregnable to inevitable attack.  LeBlanc’s book Constant Battles:  The Myth of the Peaceful, Noble Savage shows that genocides and land raids among regional and ethnic groups had always been the norm for native peoples…” Today, the majority of Native Americans live in heated and air conditioned homes with a refrigarator, stove and big screen TV.  Thankfully, tribal warfare over women and scarce resources are a thing of the past.

Why is it now possible for Native Americans to live a life style of plenty? Cheap Fossil Fuel Energy that’s how. The Environmentalist Activists would like to change all that and turn back the clock in America to the Fossil Free World of the past. If past history repeats itself, a world of genocidal war and land raids between Native American Tribes over scarce resources and women. This is not how the Green Activists see their mission of course. They have a “Manifest Destiny” to transform the world into a Utopian Garden Of Eden. In their Utopian vision of the world (that never was) Nobel Savages live in harmony with nature. Happiness is defined as “not buying …. not consuming”

Hat Tip: No Frackking Consensus

“Let us be blunt: The only humans who consume nothing are the humans who are dead” In other words, Green Activists want people to die. Literarily. Below is an excerpt from a prominent environmentalist who sums up this misanthropic dogma of today’s Green Activists pretty clearly. 

Prof David Griggs, director of the Monash Sustainability Institute in Australia, argues in an article in the journal Nature that it is no longer enough for countries to solely pursue the poverty alleviation targets enshrined in the millennium development goals (MDG) that were agreed in 2000 but run out in 2015. “Pursuing a post-2015 agenda [which is] focused only on poverty alleviation could undermine the agenda’s purpose. Growing evidence and real-world changes convincingly show that humanity is driving global environmental change and has pushed us into a new geological epoch. Further human pressure risks causing widespread, abrupt and possibly irreversible changes to basic Earth-system processes. Water shortages, extreme weather, deteriorating conditions for food production, ecosystem loss, ocean acidification and sea-level rise are real dangers that could threaten development and trigger humanitarian crises across the globe,” say the authors.” 

Some would argue that American European Colonialists have been falsely blamed for committing intentional genocide against the Native American population during Colonial times. White guilt for these crimes against the Native Americans in the days of  Colonial America is pounded into the heads of students in our schools by American Academia and Educators. European American’s feel rightly guilty for the past crimes of their Ancestor’s during America’s Colonial past.  

What is startling is that today’s neo Colonialist Green Activists openly call for INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE by starvation of humanity as a whole and no one says a peep. There are no demonstrations by Malik Shabazz, president of Black Lawyers for Justice and his ilk calling for an international War Crimes Tribunal against the genocidal goals of the Green Activists. Goals to deprive humanity of cheap and abundant energy from fossil fuel. The blunt reality is Higher Energy Costs = Less Energy Use = Less Income = More Children Dying. No matter “Saving the Planet” is worth the price of a more dead children in the sick mind of the Neo Colonial Green Activists. They, like their European Colonial counter parts of a past era have a “Manifest Destiny” a “Mission From God” to save the earth from humanity.

What is even more diabolical however, is that the Green Activists dogma that we must all go back to an era when humans lived “in harmony with nature” is all bull shit. Just look at what their monuments to a “Greener Planet” Wind Turbines do to birds.

Bird vs Wind Turbine  

and to people:

“AS a NSW sheep farmer fighting tooth and nail to stop a wind farm development near his beloved home told me the other day in trenchant style: “The wind-farm business is bloody well near a paedophile ring.”

“They’re f . . .king our families and knowingly doing so.””  a quote which had been given to me by an Australian sheep farmer whose rural idyll was threatened by the wind industry  

Press regulation: a charter for lying, greedy scuzzballs by James Delingpole


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