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March 15, 2013

Obama $Trillion CO2 Tax Of Poor Will Enrich Climate Change Government Industrial Complex

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower


President Obama says he cares for poor people. His actions say otherwise. President Obama’s actions harm poor people. His Climate Change $Trillion Carbon Tax will “sky rocket” the price of electricity.  


Another inconvenient truth about President Obama’s crusade to “save the planet” from Climate Change is that his policies may actually be “killing the environment to save it“. President Obama’s zeal to implement Climate Change policies (similar to the ones destroying Germany’s environment)  do not seem to be very keen on looking into the environmental impact  these policies have on Nature and the welfare of people.  So again, President Obama says he wants to save the environment. His actions say otherwise. 

“Many German companies and banks, often with the support of politicians, are involved in environmental crimes in other parts of the globe.” 
President Obama’s $Trillion tax of poor will redistributed to his rich cronies in the Climate Change Government Industrial Complex including: Banks like Goldman Sachs, Green Energy Corporations like GE,  Rich Climate Change Activists like Al Gore, and the Academic/Government cabal of so called Climate “Scientists” famous for producing the now debunked “Hockey Stick” Chart. 

 “Remarkably, this very small, highly selected and deceptively manipulated graph was proclaimed to be an accurate representation of global temperatures and the extensive body of contrary evidence was simply ignored.”

full essay here:

The only people standing in President Obama’s plan for a $Trillion Carbon Tax are the Republicans in the House Of Representatives. President Obama has a plan, however,  to force the Republicans nto bending to his will. He will use a Nixon era law “to to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they have to consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects, from pipelines to highways.” This is putting a chill in the heart of all private industries that were counting on funding from government to go ahead with their projects. Projects in districts of Republicans and Democrats alike. Projects that will create jobs and repair our deteriorating infrastructure. Projects and jobs President Obama says he supports will be sacrificed on the altar of the Climate Change goddess Gaia to strong arm Republicans into approving his $trillion legalized theft of money from poor people.  Money that will be used to enrich his cronies in the  Climate Change Government Industrial Complex.  
The truth is CO2 emitted from Fossil Fuel Is A Benefit To Earth and To People. Matt Ridley On How Fossil Fuel Is Greening The Planet clearly shows this. 


That fact is President Obama’s Climate Change Policies do great harm to the poor. The people he claims to care for, the poor, are being shafted in the interest of enriching his cronies in the Climate Change Industrial Complex. The experience of the Brits where one million are dead because they could not afford to heat their homes should be a harbinger of what could happen here if President Obama’s Climate Change Policies are enacted in America. The left will blame the greed of the U.S. Fossil Fuel Industries for “fixing prices” of course. The truth is President Obama and his cronies in the Climate Change Government Industrial Complex are the ones waging a war on U.S. Oil, Coal and Natural Gas Industries. They are the ones responsible for shutting down coal plants, putting the quash on oil shale development and standing in the way of the Keystone XL Pipeline that is the core reason behind the shortage of cheap and affordable energy in America. 
The Climate Gate 3 emails are now in the public arena.  As more and more people become aware of the data manipulation used by so called Climate Scientists to falsely blame Co2 for Catastrophic Climate Change, the Politicians that are promoting this scam will eventually be outed. Outed and held to account in the court of public opinion, maybe even the Court of Law for using the Catastrophic Climate Change Scam as an excuse to shut down U.S. Oil, Coal and Gas Industries and “skyrocket” the cost of energy that harms poor people the most. The people Democratic politicians claim they care for.

Below are a small sample of the recent papers showing the SUN not co2 Is the Main Driver OF Climate Change

More /papers-showing-sun-as-main-driver-keep-rolling-in-ipcc-focus-on-co2



Leading International Geologist Peter Zigler “Sun Is Driving Climate, Not CO2


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