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March 14, 2013


“$Trillions At Stake for legalized Theft Via CO2 Tax” Who Don’t Want Truth About AGW Scam Outed

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower
Password For Climate Gate 3 emails Released by FOIA Leaker – $Trillion Investors In Climate Change Scam May Strike Back At People Who Hold Information That May Expose The Scam – Beware Says Michael D Smith

Quoting Michael D Smith (3:14 PM on 13 March):

If there aren’t too many people who hold the password (it seems like only a handful), and if there is any risk of the data being “put back in the bottle” by people who can “get to” those few holders of the password, I suggest releasing the password NOW as another encrypted text. It would be an insurance policy that if any strong arm tactics are used against any of the other holders, immediate release of all.7z is guaranteed.

Don’t kid around with this. There really are $Trillions at stake here, and there are some incredibly huge investors in the Climate Industrial Complex that don’t want to see their stock crash. They are willing to commit millions of people to poverty and an early death, and do so without batting an eye. They have spent decades engineering the “supporting documentation” for the legalized theft that is a CO2 tax, and are on the cusp of realizing their dreams of limitless wealth while making the rest of us “sustainable”. Do you really think they give a rat’s ass about any of you? They want to make an example of someone. Insure yourself.

…we have Ian W at 12:00 pM On 14 March advising Mr. Watts:

This is extremely good advice and everyone with the password should do as Michael proposes allowing anyone to ‘pull the pin’.

No. Precisely no. With the password encrypted specifically for the purpose of releasing it in retaliation against those thugs (warmist partisans or government officers) who initiate actions against Mr. Watts or the other people to whom FOIA has confided the all.7z password, even the least threat of the password’s exposure could be – would be – treated as extortion.

The only way for the dozen or so recipients of FOIA’s communications containing this password to avoid being treated as “terrorists” by the carbon-taxing corruptocrats is to put that password (and therefore the total content of theall.7z file) into the public domain.

As long as there are identifiable people who hold knowledge of this encryption key, they will be held specifically responsible by government goons capable of (and demonstrably disposed to) making those knowledge holders “disappear” into night and fog.

This password is too hot for any mere private citizen to hold. The only protection for men like Anthony Watts and the other recipients of the still-anonymous FOIA’s message on this matter is to get that password – and therefore every last element in the all.7z archive, the potential personal embarrassment of allegedly innocent communicants be damned – open to full and unfiltered scrutiny by anyone who cares to look.

Ffat justitia ruat caelum.

There really is no other choice.

Bottom line: Leading International Geologist Peter Zigler “Sun Is Driving Climate, Not CO2

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  1. Mar 14 2013

    Correct conclusion (don’t release) but wrong reason. The reason the password isn’t being released is because of the potentially personal nature of some of the emails. It’s arguably fair play to expose dirty dealings in the climate science community (assuming such dirty dealings did go on) but it’s not OK to release domestic or other personal details of the people whose emails appear in that archive.

    I believe the password has been given to the people it has because FOIA trusts them to be responsible with it, and (of the people I know who have it) I believe that trust to be well placed.

    The only possible reason for releasing the password would be to crowdsource the redaction exercise; a quarter of a million emails is a lot of reading for such a small group. But even then the people to whom it was released need to be those who can be trusted not to then pass it on.

    I really don’t envy those who have it.


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