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March 14, 2013


Obama Says: Down With The People Up With The Earth

by CJ Orach - peopleneedpower


It makes a huge difference whether humanity uses its assets to achieve progress, or whether it strives to stop and reverse it, essentially sacrificing the less fortunate to the climate gods.” Quote from email of Climategate III leaker.  Unfortunatly President Obama appears to be on the side of “sacrificing the less fortunate to the climate gods“. 
President Obama says he believes that Catastrophic Climate Change is caused by people’s use of Fossil Fuel. In his 2013 State of the Union Address he made this point in very clear and passionate tones His creed of Catastrophic Climate Change is the main reason behind his refusal to approve the Keystone XL Pipe line. The Keystone XL Pipeline would provide thousands of good paying jobs to the people he claims to care about but that is not what counts. What counts is President Obama fallacious belief that the fate of the earth is in imminent jeopardy if people continue their use of affordable, abundant and reliable Fossil fuel.
 The facts are the earth has endured for billions of years and will continue to  endure no matter what people do. A little CO2 emitted in to the atmosphere from Fossil Fuel means nothing in the larger scheme of earth’s fate. People add 0.1% to the atmosphere. the other 99.9% is added by Nature. 

Do sane people really believe that the earth will be destroyed by 0.1% of added CO2 to the atmosphere by people? No they don’t as the Climate-gate emails have revealed:

>a global extra-tropical event, at the very least, with warmth that was
>persistent and probably comparable to much of what we have experienced in
>the 20th century.”

The real threat to people’s welfare is not Fossil fuel emitted CO2. The real danger staring people right in the face is President Obama’s intent to shut down Fossil Fuel development in the U.S. If he succeeds in doing this ordinary people will suffer. Energy costs will  “skyrocket” and poor people won’t be able to afford heating their homes or driving their cars. However, what makes one question President Obama’s sincerity about this issue is that his beliefs do not appear to extend to his own life style. For example,  his beliefs have not stopped him from enjoying a little million dollar golf game with Tiger Woods or spending twenty million dollars of taxpayer money to take his family on vacation on Air Force One to Hawaii. Leaving one to speculate just what are the real reasons behind President Obama’s refusal to open up our vast reserves of Fossil Fuel. The revenue generated would be in the billions and help to pay for all those entitlement programs his followers rely on so much. It would also spur economic growth and help reduce the deficit So why is President Obama so against doing this?  Is it because he is true believer and/or a greedy huckster using the Climate Change scam to line the pockets of his crony green capitalist friends

True believers in Catastrophic Climate Change: Don’t Believe In God; Don’t Believe In Evolution; Don’t Believe In People. So what do they believe in? 

Worship of Gaia or Mother Earth (not God) and Fear and Loathing of Humankind
Believers of Catastrophic Climate Change have lost their faith in God. They have rejected the Judaeo Christian ethic that decrees that every human being is made in the image of God endowed by his or her creator with the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness”. Instead of this uplifing belief in the innate greatest of an individual human being the Climate Change Believers think human beings “are a cancer“. A cancer responsible for 
destroying Mother Earth via their use of fossil fuel, by overpopulating the earth, industrialization and the creation of the Nuclear bomb. The Climate Change Believers argue that the use of Fossil Fuel by humans emits a deadly gas, Co2,  that must be forcibly abated to “save the planet”. They say that Anti Fossil Fuel Mandates, Population Control and devolving back to a simpler way of life are the  pathway to a “Sustainable Earth”. An earth with fewer humans who have a much lower standard of living and a lot less freedom including less freedom to destroy the earth via a Nuclear Holocaust. 
Human devolution back to a pastoral Utopian Garden of Eden with no cars, no power, no cities
Devolution Not Evolution is the way back to a pastoral Utopia like Garden of Eden the Climate Change Believers pine for. A Utopia where people can once again live in harmony with the earth. The problem with this fantasy world view is that life wihout affordable and reliable power that fossil fuel provides would be pretty bleak in deed.  People in New York found this out in the after math of Hurricane Sandy. Living without the power Fossil Fuel provides is down right unpleasant even deadly. One of the Sandy Huricane victims realized this pleading for the return of electricity saying: “We are living like animals” … forced to spend 12 days without power.


Do the aforementioned Climate Change beliefs give some insight into why President Obama is against developing our vast resources of Fossil Fuel?  The lack of power forced people into living like “animals”  during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Is this what President Obama is aiming for? It appears so.   

Down with People, Freedom and Democracy Up With The Elite Overseers
The  elite people in power would be spared from the awful fate of a lesser standard of living of course. They would be free to fly around in their jets and live in their palatial mansions overseeing the fate of the little people who they claim to care about. The earth would be returned back to her natural state minus all those pesky humans whose drive for a better life for themselves and their children are what caused all the destruction of Mother Earth in the first place. 
All of these aformentioned misanthopic beliefs are pretty creepy if not down right evil so why do people buy into it? Is it because these sinister beliefs are cloaked in the syrupy pablum of Liberalism? Liberalism that teaches that everything done by government to repress freedom is being done for the good of people. Despite all the evidence to the contrary people still believe that Liberals care for people and want what is best for them. This is one of the big reasons President Obama is still so popular, he cares. The truth is most Liberal Climate Change Believer’s like trees and animals more than people. Liberals believe people can be trusted to make life and death decisions about if an unborn baby can live or die but people cannot be trusted to decide what type of car to drive, what type of house to live in, what light bulb to use, what food to eat, or what size drink to drink. Death by abortion is okay but death by soft drink is not okay. 
Do people buy into these creepy beliefs because the scientific evidence of Catastrophic Climate Change is so overwelming? The truth is the so called evidence for Catastrophic Climate Change is pretty sketchy. For one thing the Climategate emails exposed the outright manipulation of data to “prove” the Catastrophic Climate Change Theory. Remember the famous “hide the decline” quote in the Climate gate emails by Climate Scientist Micheal Mann? The deleted data is shown in red that Michael Mann failed to reflect in his famous Hockey Stick Graph. As you can see below if the Hockey Stick included real temperature data the trend would be down not up. But no matter, the Hockey Stick Graph served its purpose by deceiving  a whole generation into picketing agianst the Keystone XL Pipeline. So what if lack of affordable and reliable power would cause poor people to suffer and forced into “living like animals”. 
Climategate 3.0 has just been released so we can expect more “hide the decline” type deceitful manipulation of temperature data by so called “Climate Scientists” exposed in the near future. The question is will the media report the fact that the Catastrophic Climate Change Theory is built on a House of Cards of manipulated data, not real data? It should be headline news since the fate of so many people’s lives is in the balance if the lies surrounding the Climate Change hoax remain hidden. 
In conclusion, the earth has been around for about 4.5 billion years and has gone through a number of Catastrophic Changes in Climate long before humans came on the scene. Below is a chart of  140,000 years of ice core Temperature Data at Vostok the Climate Change Believers don’t want people to know about. Why? Because it would expose the fact that people’s use of Fossil Fuel is clearly not responsible for Catastrophic Climate Change. As  anyone can plainly see there have been numerous great variations in the earth temperatures for over a hundred thousand years. If anything, the normal temperature of the earth looks to be pretty cold so if it gets bit warmer now, maybe that is a good thing. 
If you believe in God you probably believe that Fossil Fuel was put on earth by God to allow humans to evole into an even higher state of being. The Climate Change Believers believe the opposite. They believe that the recent discoveries around the world and in the U.S. of vast reserves of Fossil fuel is a bad thing and must be stopped at any cost. After all it is up with the earth down with people. If people are forced “to live like animals” due to lack of power, so be it.  

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  1. Nov 15 2014

    The Source of Social Insanity

    Fear-based international agreements in 1945 destroyed human contact with reality by destroying the integrity of observational science and constitutional government. The result in 2009 was Climategate:

    1. The UN IPCC and worldwide lock-step, consensus science are the direct result of unreported CHAOS and FEAR of nuclear annihilation in AUG-SEPT 1945 that convinced world leaders to form the UN on 24 OCT 1945 to save themselves from destruction by forbidding public knowledge of the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima.
    See: “Aston’s WARNING (Dec 1922); and CHAOS and FEAR (Aug 1945)”

    2. After 1945 humans were denied access to the reality of a beautiful, benevolent solar system that sustains our lives and the Earth’s climate by the same source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima: Conversion of compressed neutrons in the solar core into the hydrogen atoms that are eventually discharged to interstellar space.
    See: “Solar energy,” Advances in Astronomy (submitted 1 Sept 2014)

    3. Part of the cosmic mass in compressed neutrons is converted into kinetic energy that drives expansion of the universe as entropy increases , . . .

    Then potential gravitational energy in hydrogen atoms is converted into mass as the cosmos collapses and entropy decreases.

    See: “Is the Universe Expanding?” The Journal of Cosmology 13, 4187-4190 (2011):

    Thus, lock-step consensus science after WWII destroyed human sanity – contact with the reality of a simple but infinite and living universe made of two forms of one fundamental particle: The neutron and its expanded form – the Hydrogen atom.

    The current state of worldwide social insanity is the direct results of loss of contact with the benevolent reality that surrounds and sustains our lives.


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